Trans 101: Gender Binary

(Adapted from The Book.)

Let's consider one model of how gender works, the Gender Binary:
  1. Sex is defined at birth and cannot change.
  2. By observation, there are exactly two sexes.
  3. Therefore, sex is ordained always good by God.
  4. Therefore, everyone should act according to their sex for their morality, health, happiness, and stability of the community. These actions vary by culture, but may include vocation, interests, personality, expression, and sexual orientation.
  5. Therefore, there are also exactly two genders: man and woman. Other genders should not exist and cannot exist.
I have ordered this as an argument, with each depending on the other. It could also be reversed, where God intended two genders and therefore created two sexes.

Let make a quick conclusion: gender defenders define gender as equivalent to sex because: 1 There are only two sexes and two genders and each gender has a matching sex. There is no practical need to differentiate. 2 Detaching gender from sex or thinking additional genders exist leads to breaking the binary. Defining them as the same (appears to) eliminate that danger.