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Sy Rogers

Sy Rogers is sometimes identified by himself and others as ex-gay and at others time as formerly bigender.  As a public preacher and musician, he's the most famous ex-trans person speaker though rarely speaking about his transgender past. 

He briefly impressed me as someone who, even repressing his transgenderism, did not feel compelled to reject all femininity and sometime adopted an androgynous appearance; unfortunately, he seems to have ceased that appearance. Sy took hormones for a year and a half and was scheduling SRS beforing becoming a Christian. I suspect Sy also had facial feminization surgery based on on the extremely feminine features of his face. His speech and mannerisms are still quite feminine. Jerry Leach said that hearing Sy's testimony gave him the hope that he could become cisgender. Sy was strongly involved with Exodus for years but no longer.

At times Sy has referred to himself as a transwoman and sometimes as bigender ("transvestite). The terms are mutually exclusive and Sy was far closer to being bigender than transexual. I believe he is/was bigender for several reasons. First, Sy underwent a two year, real-life test living as a woman. After 18 months he decided against transitioning and was unhappy living as a woman whereas a transwoman is happier living as a woman. I have yet to hear of a transexual who could repress their gender for a lot period of time though a couple bigender people have or have appeared to. Note his own words which a transexual would never say.

It's not that I was convinced I was supposed to be born a girl, but I did feel I would never make it as a male. (Source)

Sy is rather tame in his admonishment of transgenderism. He condemns it quite rarely.

If you struggle with your gender identity and you're considering a sex change, I'm not here to tell you what you ought to do in terms of whether you should have surgery or not. (Source)


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