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In India, transgender people are called hijra which means 'pilgrimage.' This is perfectly apt because all trans people enter a religious journey to reach the sacred space of their gender. There are dozens of these stories. Here are the ones I recommend most:

Coming Up Queer - My own story of how I realized I am genderqueer and asexual 

Marissa Dainton - A transwoman becomes a Christian and, in her conversion, naivete, her parish convinces her to un-transition.


Pat Conover

Sandra Stewart


Intersex have unique stories because they involve discovering their body transcends sex before their mind transcends gender. Some do not consider themselves transgender.

A Place Called Grace - Dale Lynn, who also identifies as transgender

Diane's Story

A Secret Life - Steve tells how he was identified as female at birth (as Linda). He always felt male and masculine and when he later found he had male genes and testicles he transitioned to live as a man

Sherrie's Personal Narrative

See also Josef Kirchner.


Ex-trans people are those who repress their gender and stop identifying as trans.

Jennifer or Jerry - Ex-trans counselor Jerry Leach

Keith's Personal Testimony - by Keith Tiller

The Final Transformation - by Perry Desmond

Journey Out of Transgenderism - by Joseph Cluse

Man in the Mirror - by Sy Rogers

Freedom in Christ from Transsexual & Transgender Bondage

No More Dresses and Rollers - by Danny Blackwell

My Turning Around - Brooke would later take back her words, believing Christians should embrace transgenderism. 


People who once identified as ex-trans, but have now embraced their gender identity. See also the Ex-ex-trans section.

Peta's Story of Re-Transitioning

Marti Abernathy