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Renee Richards

It's strange to have a page about Renee Richards. She's not a Christian, a researcher, a moralist, and is not even outspoken about being transgender. But gender defenders are fond of claiming she's a big activist (she's not) and that she regretted her transition (she didn't).

Jerry Leach calls deceptively her a former "political advocate of SRS"(Flight p112  ) as if to show even the strongest supporters of transgenderism don't really believe in it.  Jerry quotes Richards from an interview and advertises her on his website and book. She writes in her autobiography about this very same interview.

I saw newspaper headlines saying, RENÉE RICHARDS REGRETS SEX CHANGE. The stories asserted that I had made this admission in an interview with Cindy Schmerler for Tennis magazine. Outraged, I called the magazine and was talk that the content of the interview had been made available for publicity purposes. Somebody along the line concluded that I was remorseful about my sex change. In fact, I had said nothing of the kind . . . In short, I have some regrets about my career path, but apparently the words "transsexual" and "regret" cannot appear in the same article without somebody shouting, "I knew it!"No Way Renee:  (The Second Half of My Notorious Life p278-279)

If that's not clear enough, asked point blank whether she regrets SRS, she responds, "The answer is no." reading her book, it's clear Richards is a complex person who thinks for herself and she doesn't tow the transgender party line. Leach takes those complexities out of context to make it seem she fits his ideology.

Keith Tiller, Walt Heyer, the former organization Relatives and Friends of Transsexuals, and Help4Families also advertise Richards as regretting her transition, shown below.