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Neil Whitehead

Dr. Neil E Whitehead is a Christian writer best known for authoring the book, My Genes Made Me Do It in which he argues again the role of genes in determining sexual orientation. The book is freely available to read at its website,, as can some of his other writings. He has worked for the New Zealand government and the United Nations. While Americans always refer to Jerry Leach, Britains always defer to Whitehead. I have not yet read much of his work but my gut tells me he's a junk scientist. He regularly promotes evidence against biological motivations for transgenderism and homosexuality. The following articles concern transgenderism:

Should Transsexuality Be Freely Endorsed by Christians?  His argument against accepting transexual behavior. I have written some observations and responses in Response to Whitehead's Free Endorsement and a rebuttal to the theological portion in Objection: Christ and the Bride

What Produces Intersexes(sic!) Here he claims that the gender identity of intersex patients results from environment, not biology

Is Transsexual Biologically Determined? He claims transexual gender identity is not biologically rooted

Are Transsexuals Born that Way?  A less science focused version of the above article. Formerly hosted on Leach's site

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Shidlo comments on NARTH's use of his research - Whitehead interprets Shidlo's research to mean the opposite of what Shidlo found