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Megan Edrington

Began to transition in 2002. From Jefferson County (Louiseville?) KY. Worked for Iglou Internet Services.

We had a worse case than that arise around 2003-2004: you may have heard of the case of Megan (Craig) Edrington.Megan transitioned, and Megan's wife was referred to Leach. It is our understanding (I have no proof, it is hearsay, but I believe it) that Leach encouraged Megan's wife to out Megan at her work, and arranged for backing for legal counsel in the divorce case, while subverting Megan's counsel (who quit the day Megan's custody/support hearing was to be held), and put money in the judge's election fund. Megan was assessed with a huge monthly support payment based on her earning power on her job (chemical engineer), and on the fact that her child was special-needs, then had her job yanked out from under her.. She was, of course, unable to pay her support after a few months, was robbed of her ability to pay transition costs, and eventually jailed for nonsupport. She is on the national deadbeat dads list, and lives underground in another state, working for cash. (Personal email)

My ex-wife is a Baptist, and I am no longer a human being to her. Because I am transgendered, I am pretty much proof that I am a demon possessed hell-spawn. She treats me abominably for it. If you don't meet some narrow definition of perfect, you're crap. (

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