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Marissa Dainton

Born Mark, then Patricia, then Mark again, now Marissa, Ms Dainton has had a tough life.  She joined an evangelical church which led her to believe her transition was sinful which prompted her reversion back to her male life. She sought Keith Tiller for help and together they wrote an article Male and Female God Created Them: Ministry to the Gender Confused. Transsexuality A Report by the Evangelical Alliance Policy Commission uses that article. After only six months, she relapsed into female behavior and took on a fully female role in 2004. For her entire story, see

Marissa's pastor wrote an article about her called Pastoral Oversight to those Dealing with Transgender Issues which has been referenced and copied widely, including by Parakaleo, Walt Heyer, and TGIF. Even though the story is now incomplete, they still use the article as if it reflects the truth.

Mandy and James?

Update: Marissa contacted me personally and said that Yes, she is the pseudonym on Keith's website.

On Keith's website, he has posted an article about an ex-trans MtF, pseudonymously named Mandy/James. Rev. Dr. Beardsley writes that James has since given up his female role. Looking into it, I believe Mandy/James is Marissa/Mark. Just consider their timelines:

 Marissa Mandy
 Lives in UK
 Lives in UK
 Currently a nurse
 In school for nursing
 First SRS in 1993
 SRS shortly before joining the church
 Motivated to change b/c of faith
 Motivated to change b/c of faith
 Passes in church
 Passes in church
 First comes out to the pastor & wife
 First comes out to the pastor
 Comes out in preparation for baptism
 Comes out in preparation for baptism
 Prepares for baptism Spring 1994
 Baptized July or Aug 1994
 Jan 1996 lives as male again
 Jan 1 1996 lives as male again
 Spring 1997 engaged to a church member
 1998 marries a church member
 Marries the fiance

And of course, Keith has a connection with both cases. It's obvious they're the same person. This is troubling because Keith continues hosting this article on his website as proof and encouragement that transexuals can change. In reality, this story is just the opposite! Yes, you can go back to live in your gender at birth, but God is not changing anyone's feelings and Marissa could not succeed in suppressing those feelings even with her faith, Keith, and her entire church helping her.

While I'm typically conservative with confidentiality, Dainton is very open about her life and has no love for the "ex-trans movement."