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Josef Kirchner

Josef today
Josef (Judy) was a MtF who later regretted his transition. With the help of JONAH, a Jewish ex-gay organization, he transitioned back to becoming a man. He is a non-practising Jew but is held up as a poster child for gender transformation by Christian ex-trans organizations including Reality Resources, Help4Families, and RAF-T.  He operated the controversial and was a contributing writer for Jerry Leach

At first glance, Josef Kirchner appears a classic example that trans people can change their gender identity. Josef was born male, transitioned to live as a woman for 17 years, and then re-transitioned to live as a man again. Jerry Leach embraced Josef, making him living evidence of “change.” Josef agreed and worked with Jerry part time and put up the infamous website, 

Jerry, however, did not reveal how Josef completely contradicted Jerry’s ideas. He insists spiritual transformation by Christ is critical but Josef was Jewish. Jerry also insists that everyone feels guilty about their transgender behavior and are completely unhappy with it, but Josef was happyt. Just before transitioning into manhood again, Judy wrote, "I continue to enjoy much happiness living as a female." Josef, who transitioned incredibly quickly, also contradicts Jerry’s required timeframe that people need many difficult years before finding comfort in their birth gender. Josef felt his change was easy and immediate. 

After a year, Josef found he didn't square with the pro-binary ideas after all, coming to believe male and female are not exclusive categories. For one, he was still attracted to men. He also decided he did not regret his surgery at all and is grateful for his “mangina.” He gave a classically genderqueer statement, “I have always felt myself to be both male and female in one body.” Josef eventually reacted to Jerry, 

You are nothing more than a fetishistic transvestite who carried things too far. You are someone who lies to people everyday telling them about salvation and that you can help to change their transsexuality through God? . . . You're not even healed yourself!
Living as Judy Kirchner
Josef asked Jerry to stop using his name and Jerry claimed, “I did immediately”. If you order Jerry's main resource, Flight toward Woman, you will still find the pro-binary side of Josef's story. Jerry later plagiarized Josef's Post Op Story letter as his own.

Josef current gender identity isn't obvious, but he enjoys living as a masculine man with a vagina. Though transitioning (the non-surgical portion) was not right for him, he recognizes it is right for others. He also acknowledges a wide gender spectrum and that some people do not live at either end. I do not know if Josef would say his gender identity changed. He says he has always felt both male and female, whether living as a man or woman.  Josef currently refrains from the transgender label “because it is a bit misleading” but now supports the trans community.

Josef later found he was intersex with mosaicism and Turner syndrome (having some XY cells and some cells missing the Y chromosome).  Josef says that, for him, being intersex was not significant to being trans. 


His journey was captured on an MSNBC special along with a Q and A with Josef answers questions showing his gender beliefs in greater depth