Leach's History

Leach's history is mysterious enough that when first researching him, I was just confused. Eventually I came to realize Leach did not merely make mistakes about transgenderism, he has flat out lied about people, psychology, and intersex, While much the below could easily be misunderstandings or circumstantial evidence, it could also be more evidence of his deceptive character. 

Personal History

Jerry's personal history is so confusing that I had to create my own time line trying to grasp it. Some of the information below is taken from Jerry's doctors; he lied to them excessively, so I cannot guarantee accuracy. Events without dates may be out of order.
  • 1941 - Jerry is born (source)
  • May 1942 - Charlene is born
  • At age 17, Jerry serves in the Navy for a year and a half
  • Attends a college where he receives a BA in education
  • 1962 - First involved in some type of Christian ministry
  • 1962, August - Jerry marries Charlene in Nebraska (source)
  • Has two children (personal email)
  • Spends ~9 years in a religious cult (personal email)
  • 1976 - Castrates himself. He starts a testosterone prescription, but does not always take it (Sex Change Sanction)
  • Begins the "transexual lifestyle." WND says this was "20 years" after 1962.
  • Jerry and Charlene step down from church leadership. Leach says this was "20 years" after joining the ministry (1962)
  • Charlene separates for a year
  • 1984 - The Leaches move to Lexington (source)
  • 1985 - Jerry and Charlene join the ministry of Hightop Church (source)
  • ~1986 - Seeks estrogen illegally
  • ~1987 - Sees a psychologist for a year and a half, from April to the next August. Has a prescription for estrogen for a year and a half.
  • 1988 - Cisgender conversion. See section below.
  • 1988 - Starts counseling
  • 1988-91 - "Heals" Danny Blackwell
  • 1991 - Receives a vision
  • 1999 - Reality Resources begins
  • 2000-2005 Counsels Pete (Wendy)
  • 2004 - Starts mentoring Denise Shick
  • 2003, Sept - Josef Kirchner first contacts Jerry (Post Op Story)
  • 2005, March or earlier - Josef ends his relationship with Jerry
  • 2005 - Reality Resources joins Exodus, around March (source)
  • 2007 - Jerry has a falling out with Exodus
  • 2009 - Jerry officially stops counseling and passes on his legacy to Help4Families


Leach is always quick to use himself as examples of transgender characteristics, especially when demonstrating how sick we are. So when he claims that 80% of trans people have been sexually molested as children in Flight toward Woman and elsewhere but did not cite himself, I assumed he was not. So I was shocked to read a 2000 interview where he publicly states he was. Certainly one can understand not wanting to broadcast being molested, but this never stopped Leach before and many ex-gays are vocal about their personal molestations.

According to Christianity Today, "His mother made him wear dresses. His father told him he looked better as a female." This contradicts Flight Toward Woman were he writes that his father hated him dressed as a girl.  Jerry's former endocrinologist said, "On occasion, she cross-dressed in the presence of her mother, who quietly dissuaded her from that behavior." This is contrary to everything else he says about his mother - that she encouraged him to dress as a girl frequently and praised his appearance.

Life as Trans

His history of experimenting with transgenderism is most confusing. Once Leach says he joined CrossOver in 1988. Christianity Today says that as of 1989 he didn't stop taking hormones until 1989.

The Harry Benjamin Standards of Care specify how transexuals should transition. Leach likes to blast the standards, but either he is lying about much of his history or he was never under the Standards of Care. His psychiatrist, Dr. Brownston, lived in the Bible belt and treated him in the 1980s, so I doubt she was liberal enough to ignore the Standards. There was only one SRS surgeon there at the time. Supposedly, she handed Jerry his hormones and recommended SRS. There many challenges around this story. The standards require one year of living full time before allowing SRS; Jerry was living with Charlene and his church as a man and I presume everywhere. If Leach took hormones for 18 months, why did he wait the extra 6 months before scheduling surgery?  He did see a counselor for 18 months; maybe it actually took 6 months for a hormone prescription which is a reasonable time frame.

Dr. Brownston reads one of Jerry journal entries where he says he can't live as a woman. According to Jerry, she responds by saying Jerry must decide what he wants. I doubt this happened as he says. First, the journal entry revealed he was still married.  The journal also showed that this was not a one time doubt but a consistent feeling. It would be terrible counseling because it is the responsibility of the counselor, not the patient, to determine whether the patient would be healther living as their gender identity or gender at birth.  I suspect the psychiatrist have actually denied SRS, thus prompting Leach's near suicide attempt immediately afterward. Jerry lied about his wife, Charlene, saying they were divorced to receive SRS, even forging a divorce certificate, showing he was deceiving Dr. Brownston about his life.

Then there's the matter of fitting Charlene into the story. Charlene says she only saw Jerry presenting as a woman one time; Jerry says this happened in their first year of marriage (source).  Charlene's relationship with Jerry's "acting out" was characterized with denial and passivity.  WND says "They eventually separated for nearly a year, while he sought serious help." To Foster, he says, "So we separated for a year and things got good again and there was a seeming disappearance of the attraction and compulsion for a period of two years or so. But then pressures in my life began to mount and we began to have some internal family problems. Those kinds of pressures drove me back to a cyclical, habitual, compulsive type of behavior and feeling, and I returned to cross-dressing, and started hormone treatment. My wife didn't know anything about that." So they were separated before he took hormones (legally).  It's hard to believe Charlene wouldn't notice the hormones after 18 months but after his castration his body couldn't produce male hormones naturally, so the change would be less dramatic. He hard artificial male hormones but didn't always take them.

Leach's surgeon was to be Dr. J William McRoberts. His endocrinologist "Dr. M" is likely Dr. Miller. "Shelia Brownston" is likely a pseudonym.


Leach's conversion story seems to contradict too. Most times, Jerry will say he stops "days" before SRS (see Flight Toward Woman appendix "Fetishistic Tranvestite or True Transsexualism"); Christianity Today says it was "weeks."  No doubt Leach wants his story to sound as dramatic as possible.  At one time he says it was nothing special, just running into a couple at his church who offered to counsel him. (Source.)   In another version, the story is transformed into God audibly speaking while he has a gun at his head, telling him to seek out a social worker by name who becomes Jerry's salvation (see Flight Toward Woman). Jerry tells the suicide and social worker story in another medium, but when God intervenes, God only gives courage, and not a person's name. (Source.)

There's also much contention as to when the conversion happened. Leach states multiple times he joined CrossOver in 1988, making September (noted in Flight from Woman) 1988 the latest possible date for his conversion. On one hand, he says people need about four years in his counseling to reach full healing. Since Jerry had no ex-trans person to help him, we would assume it took him longer. While giving no specific time frame, he often emphasizes his healing process took a long time. In the beginning of his Flight Toward Woman, Jerry says there was a gap between when he completely accepted himself as a man and when he started counseling and writing to trans people.  It does not seem possible Jerry's conversion was later than September 1988 based on him joining CrossOver in 1988, stated by himself multiple times and states September in Flight from Woman. However, it could not have been earlier than 1986 (having moved to Kentucky in 1984 and been on estrogen there for 18 months). Apparently, Jerry "healed" extremely quickly or did not wait to finish healing before presuming himself expert enough to counsel others. A further confusion is that Christianity Today said Jerry's SRS was in 1989. While I would brush this off as a simple error, this article (written earlier) says exactly the same. Either 1 there is a bizarre coincidence, 2 Jerry himself spread the 1989 date, being forgetful or lying for some unknown motivation or 3 Jerry's 1988 statement is a mistake or lie.

When Jerry was 50, 1991, says he had a vision of Jesus. The editor of that this vision "freed" Jerry of his "evil spirits." Interesting that after Jerry had been counseling people for several years, he was still battling inner demons.



In 1988 (allegedly) Jerry and Charlene joined the ex-gay CrossOver "Ministries" which had started in 1986 and legally in 1989.  Leach never refers to CrossOver by name.  On his old website, he awkwardly refers to being "a director of an Exodus North America International Referral Ex-Gay Ministry."  Everywhere else he never mentions having changed organizations. Only through Kentucky legal documents and very old third party sources is this connection apparent. Likewise, Jerry is not mentioned on their history page though Reality Resources is a referral.  Jerry says he first met with gays in 1989; apparently CrossOver, a gay organization, didn't have any gay people in 1988.

In this article (Aug 2004), the writer claims Leach worked with trans people for 25 years or 1979 which is obviously not true.

Reality Resources

According to that old website, "In 1999, he established the more diverse and expansive outreach to the sexually addicted, homosexual and transgendered, called Reality Resources." However, CrossOver already advertised these same services.  John Hendershot began as a director of CrossOver but is there no longer; he now president of Reality Resources.  Apparently the name Reality Resources evolved from his newsletter at CrossOver titled Reality.


Exodus International is an umbrella organization for Christian, ex-gay organizations. CrossOver has always been an Exodus member. Jerry was also the Regional Representative for Exodus in the Kentucky area. Reality Resources advertised as  a member from July 2005 to June 2007; Exodus lists them as a member from March 2005 until February 2008 online (though these all probably lag quite a bit). Exodus seems to be on good terms with them because, beginning in June 2006, they list Jerry as an "Other Helpful Organization" and refer all their trans clients to Jerry.  

Exodus no longer includes gender identity as part of its mission, but Reality Resources has always (claimed to) address homosexuality as well.  I was informed through an immediate family member of Jerry that he and Exodus had a "falling out." Another person said the falling out was because Jerry because Jerry was too open about his current gender struggles and openly said he was not healed.  Exodus and Jerry himself are silent. I've written and called Exodus and Jerry about this but they have not returned my messages.

Jerry Leach Family Counseling

From 2004-2007, Jerry expanded from non-profit to for-profit and created Jerry Leach Family Counseling which included Reality Resources within it. On his website, he wrote, "Reality Resources is a part of a professional Christian counseling agency called Jerry Leach Counseling, LLC., which is not a tax-exempt ministry." I'm not familiar enough with the legalese to interpret any further. I believe it was part of Family Counseling Services. It shared the same office with Reality Resources for several years until it closed and Reality Resources moved to his house.  Third parties always referred to Reality Resources.

Number of Clients

It's extremely hard to tell what Leach's sphere of influence is. On one hand he's the go-to person for every major Christian organizations encountering transgenderism from Christianity Today to Exodus. On the other hand, he works alone, out of his home in a low scale neighborhood. Here are the claims of how many transgender clients he has had:
These numbers are obviously absurd. This doesn't count Charlene, who deals with the wives of clients, so one person is counseling, on average, 100 people per year! That's three days to finish with every one. Or, 365 days x 8 hours / 100 clients = ~30 hours per client (that's working Sundays and no vacation!) which is weekly sessions for 7 months. But Jerry says it takes at least two years! Other times, he says it takes 3-4 years! At one point, Jerry was charging $85/hour. If he counseled those people for 30 hours each, he would be making $255,000 a year, not counting money from selling his booklet. However, Jerry lives in a tiny house in a poor neighborhood in Kentucky. The numbers clearly don't add up. In the same way Jerry claimed he say "hundreds" of other transexuals when deciding whether to transition himself, Jerry is lying.


Jerry and Charlene joined High Top Church Board of Directors in 1985. They have both been directors since at least January 1988 to March 2008. There is/was a strong connection be High Top and CrossOver.  High Top was dissolved by default in November 2009 for failing to file its annual report.

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