Jerry's Errors and Lies

GI do not want anything on our website that misrepresents or is not actually I take my time and cover all of the necessary bases before publishing...since I desire to have a correct, truthful representation on anything that we put out. (Transsexual Regret Letters)

Here are isolated errors I've noticed. While the previous articles prove his nature of lying and anti-intellectualism, the following errors are just the minor problems you'd expect from someone who isn't committed to speaking fairly by not doing his research.

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The most egregious of Jerry's lies are on dedicated pages:

Doctoring Documents

Jerry's Education Lies

Jerry's Pseudonyms

First post-op meeting

Then there's the inconsistency of meeting post-op transexuals. In Flight Toward Woman, he writes, "I fearfully told the doctor how apprehensive I was about going through with sex reassignment. . . . The anguish that gripped my heart came as a result of having had honest dialogue with many postoperative transsexuals about their 'new life'. " The next paragraph is about meeting with "Samantha," "How well I remember my first encounter with a postoperative transsexual." Sex Change Sanction says Leach had, "spoken to hundreds of transsexuals, including those who have undergone the surgery and had a bad outcome." This sounds like an exaggeration of Leach because his pro-transition phase lasted only 18 months at most; further, he says he lied to doctors a lot.

However, in Playing the Fool, Jerry recounts his "very first encounter with a post-op transsexual." The first few paragraphs are identical, but then adds another including the post-op was "looking up into my eyes for some hope of life now that the mortal wounds had been inflicted. But I knew that my consolations would not stop the profuse hemorrhage of their soul. Nothing I could say would help them. They were dying, and they knew it! And I, in my heart of hearts, knew that I would once have gladly exchanged places with them." Given the past tense, "would once have" and that they're looking to Jerry for help, this must be after his conversion in a counseling setting. It would also explain why he/she's carrying around old pictures because most transexuals keep old pictures stashed away. My gut feeling is that this person is Kathy Duncan who, like Jerry's person, was an FtM (incredibly rare in the ex-trans world) who took hormones, became a Christian while living as a man, and felt convicted by their conscience rather than their unhappiness living as a man. Kathy visited Jerry in 1996, a long eight years after Jerry started counseling people.

In Boys in Bras, we see Jerry's first meeting with a MtF post-op, . "She was digging in her purse for some notes she had taken from a phone consult we had several days before. "Jerry," she quipped with a bit of laughter in her voice . . . That was my first actual meeting with a very passable, even beautiful center-fold type of post-operative male to female transsexual." We can confirm this is after his "conversion" because she calls him "Jerry," not "Jennifer" and she has a phone consultation where she takes notes whereas, pre-conversion, Jerry would not be taking notes.

This lie is significant. He bases his reason for rejecting transgenderism (personally and philosophically) on the personal experiences of unhappiness in people who have transitioned.  But if didn't encounter those experiences, why did he reject transgenderism?


I was properly diagnosed to be in need of SRS, too ... every bit as much as yourself; having sufficiently passed the tough, lengthy, very expensive and quite thorough scrutiny of my psychiatrist, therapist, and endocrinologist. (Ongoing Correspondence)

. . . the findings and recommendations of a well-trained psychiatric team at a university hospital for me to proceed full-bore with sex reassignment surgery.

Jerry was not properly diagnosed. He cheated the system to get his way. He lied to his therapist and/or psychologist in at least three ways: He told them he had divorced from his wife, even going so far as to forge a divorce certificate. He told them he had a strong network of social support and a boyfriend that would aid him in living as a woman though the only person he had come out to was his wife and they didn't talk to each other about it.  Throughout his "transition" he had went through incredible agony about his choices, essentially regretting SRS before he had it; all this should have been transparent with his counselor but she did not find out until quite late. When he did, she refused to let him continue that path to SRS while in his current emotional state. Leach was technically diagnosed, but he was not properly diagnosed.


Jerry castrated himself in 1976 (Sex Change Sanction) Jerry. For anyone, that would be a huge deal in his life but, like an awful childhood event, he only reveals it once online and then tries to cover it up later. While much of his lies show through his letters, this is something you can't fake to an endocrinologist.  However, in Filght Toward Woman page 25 he writes the opposite, "I had previously taken a knife to my own genitals in a failed effort to divest myself of the appendages that defined me as a man." (Emphasis mine.) Unless he means he failed to remove both his testicles and penis, this cannot be true. 


On two issues either Jerry or his webmaster show they don't understand copyright. First, as explained by Laura herself, Jerry copies an image from another site onto his. Not just any site, but Laura's Playground, a famous transgender website. And not just any image, but Laura's logo! Laura sets him straight.

Years later, Jerry's webmaster, Stacy, sent messages to three sites that criticize Jerry's claims,,, and Zagria's blog, claiming  we violate his copyright. Either Jerry or Stacy is just plain stupid, or they tried scaring us for the sake of censoring criticism of him. The affair is explained on Reality Resources Copyright.

Mother separation

Jerry loves Leanne Payne (and when she's talking about anything but gender, so do I!) and references her often. In A Matter of Survival, aka, Reality Check 4, he quotes her saying (emphasis mine):

The cross-dresser suffers from separation anxiety and gender confusion related to his failure to make a secure attachment to his mother and thereby gain a strong sense of being or of well-being. This loss has led to a most grievous symbolic confusion in him. The related coping mechanisms (cross-dressing) leave him in the throes of the dread-ridden shame and compulsive behavior.

However, at multiple other times, Jerry says the exact opposite, that little boys are attached themselves strongly to their mother and never let go. Jerry's theories are based on Elizabeth Moberly and echoed by Joseph Nicolosi. When I heard Nicolosi lecture, and repeatedly in his writings, he says that a child begins life with no concept of themself apart from their mother and the first couple years of life involve learning that they are not the same as their mother. Nicolosi says male transgenderism and homosexuality are caused by this failure to disconnect and thus they continue identifying as their female mother instead of their male father. Both ideas are false, but Jerry should at least pick one and stick to it.

Deuteronomy 22.5

In Flight toward Woman, Jerry says that neither Deuteronomy 22:5 nor any other passage of Scripture can be used to condemn transgenderism. Later in the book, page he quotes a client of his who explains how Deut 22 does condemn transgenderism. On his website, he wrote

Scripture doesn’t directly address transsexualism, except in Deut 22:5 (where wearing clothes of the opposite gender is considered an abomination) and I Cor 6:9 (where male effeminacy and prostitution is considered enough to banish a person from God’s Kingdom).

First social cross dressing

In Flight toward Woman, Jerry dramatically tells of meeting with his psychiatrist, Dr. "Sheila Brownston" in 1987 which he says was the first time he presented as a woman in front of someone else.  However, on page 101 he said he dressed up as a woman as a teenager (the 1950s).

As I became an older teenager, I often penetrated the world of women in their favorite domain, shopping for articles of clothing of my very own. It was so satisfying to be accepted by both female and male clerks. . . . I passionately pursued ways to emulate women, learning how to converse with them "woman to woman."


I was 5'11", over 200 pounds. (Jennifer or Jerry?)

My five-foot-ten frame seemed to tower above his. (Matter of Survival)

Am I getting too picky? He has motivation to bend the truth: In the first story he's emphasizing his masculine appearance, that it looked strange that a tall male would feel female. In the second, he's emphasizing his lack of masculine physique (although the average American male is only 5'9") contrasting his masculine attitude. 

I sometimes annoy myself because I insist on being fair, "fairer than fair." So I must include that Jerry could actually be 5'10" and a half and he sometimes rounds up and sometimes down when it suits him. So it's not exactly lying, just bending the facts.

Requirements for Healing

From Transcendent Christ Transgender Christians:

There is no official study of people who try to change their gender identity but Jerry offers some fuzzy numbers. “We have evidenced a huge success rate, nearly 80% among those who want to change.”45 When we examine change in sexual orientation, we'll see the even promoters don't claim this much success. In a private email, Jerry contradicts himself.

We have noted that 90% of those who have met with him for at least a two year period remain fully integrated and emotionally intact in their birth-gender roles. Those who have worked with him for over 4 years ascribe to a 100% success rate; “success” being understood as the elimination of former desires to dress like or emulate the false feminine identity.

The required length of therapy also changes. He himself went from scheduling surgery in September 1988 to counseling others by December or earlier - a matter of months!.  Other times, he says as long as “5-8 years.”47  But none of these claims can be true since Jerry himself has not healed after 20 years!

Jerry claims to have worked with “thousands” of transgender people. Estimate the minimum of 100 people per year, with each person finishing after one year, at a cheap $85/hour, and Jerry would have made over $440,000 per year or $8.8 million dollars over twenty years. That's not counting the people he counsels for their romantic orientation and sexual addiction. Either Jerry is capitalizing off misfortunes or he's exaggerating, yet again.

Harry Benjamin

Harry Benjamin is considered the father of modern treatment for transexuals and a saint in the trans community, having reached many landmarks for transexuals.  Quoting his researcher and transgender client, Mark, Leach claims Benjamin actually opposed everything that transexuals say he supported. Leach writes that Benjamin  "was a kindly grandfatherly-type of gentleman and medical practitioner, who tried to help those whose gender was problematical. But the Harry Benjamin Standards of Care are not in the least in accord with Harry Benjamin's initial vision." (Benjamin's Standards of Care) The kernel of truth is that Benjamin did not directly contribute to the document The Harry Benjamin Standards of Care in 1979 as he had retired. It was named in honor of him because it did represent his vision. Benjamin of course led many of his patients through gender transition for decades. He is separated from his peers because he took an affirmative approach to transexuals, helping them live in their gender identity, while his the prevailing wisdom of the day was to live in their assigned gender.  Harry Benjamin wrote The Transsexual Phenomenon, explaining the affirmative treatment path he pioneered. Yet without any support, Leach leads a naive audience astray contradicting simple history.

Males with PMS

"I'll refer to him as a woman only when he's gone through menstrual periods, PMS, labor, or menopause."

Actually, males on female hormones can go through PMS and menopause.Kate Bornstein is a famous example. (Gender Outlaw: One Men, Women, and the Rest of Us. p16).  Had he known this, I'm sure he would renege his offer. On his website is an article co-written by himself and someone named Mary; the article points out that depending the way hormones are taken, an MtF may have similar hormonal cycles. There are intersex women who go their whole lives without menstruating or going through labor or menopause.


In Flight Toward Woman, page 35, Jerry says eroticism is symbolized by the snake eating their tale (which symbologists call the "ouroboros").  This symbol has many meanings, but eroticism is not one of them.

Sexual Orientation Prevalence

In a personal correspondence with Neil Whitehead, Jerry says 80% of trans people are heterosexual (in relation to their birth gender) whereas Blanchard found only 10% have this orientation. Whitehead sides with Jerry. However, see Leach: Things in Common Among Transsexuals

Interfaith says it's an "interfaith" organization. Interfaith refers to going pass the boundaries of a religion, but Reality Resource always stays within Christianity. A Muslim, Jew, athiest, or Hindu would all find Reality Resources heretical. Evan Catholic and Orthodox Christians would find it unappealing. I think the word he was looking for was "non-denominational."


Showing how little he knows about the trans community, he calls RuPaul "Rupal." (Flight Toward Woman p59).