Jerry's Pseudonyms

We do not publish anything on the website without written consent and even with that permission granted, all names are fictitious. (Transsexual Regret Letters)

On the archived page, Transsexual Regret Letters, I explain the multiple places where he violates this promise.

Jerry also gives people pseudonyms where he should not. Jerry posts a short version of Josef Kirchner's anti-trans story (before he had his change of heart) called Post Operative Story. Even though Josef appeared by name elsewhere on the site, Jerry gives Josef (then "Judy") the pseudonym "Janet."

Even more disturbing, Jerry's own writings are written under numerous pseudonyms. On Help4Families's website, Jerry writes under multiple pseudonyms like "Tim" and "Jay." On the old Transgender Fellowship website, he went by "Sam." He even gives himself the pseudonym "Ed"/"Sylvia" on his own website (GID)!  It's quite obvious as the identical articles are written, sometimes under "Jerry" and sometimes under pseudonyms.

Why in the world would he do this? Like most pseudonyms, is Jerry created anonymity for himself? No. Jerry is well-known in the Christian-transgender circle and past attempting anonymity. Is he, like Kierkegaard, using pseudonyms as creative allegories to enhance his writings? No. There is no allegorical or otherwise creative connections between "Tim," "Jay," "Ed," "Sylvia," "Sam," or "Samantha." Is Help4Families trying to distance himself from the lies and stupidity I have tried to associate with the name of Jerry Leach? Possibly, but doubtful. This is a good theory, but I don't think Denise is intimidated by me or cares what I'm doing.  Is Jerry inflating the number of names out there? I believe this is the reason. There are incredibly few trans people who (at least publicly) repress their gender. Of people that have acted on their feelings and, like Jerry, still decide its sinful there are even fewer. So few that I've begun compiling a list of every such person! That doesn't support Jerry's ideas at all which state without reservation that every trans person believes they are sinning. Thus Jerry has created some artificial names leading casual readers to believe those people are abundant.

Besides demonstrating yet again that Jerry has no qualms about lying and that Denise will support those lies, these pseudonyms seriously call into question the rest of their testimonials. We cannot assume that any of Jerry's or Denise's testimonials are real people. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but Jerry and Denise have violated everyone's trust and no longer deserve that benefit.  Unless they can connect their anecdotes with flesh and blood people, we waste our time thinking about them. These possible fraudulent stories are under suspect also because they sound like Jerry. I've read Jerry's hundreds of pages three times over and then some. Doing so will make anyone very familiar with his style. Every testimonial provided by Jerry is striking in its similarity to Jerry's writings: vocabulary, punctuation, sentence structure, and of course ideology. (That is not true of two anonymous testimonials published by Denise.) Were Jerry to remove the quotation marks, I would not know someone else was writing. In fact, sometimes Jerry does forget quotations marks; upon my first two readings I thought these were meaningless typos; perhaps they are more evidence of forgery.