Jerry's Education Lies

If you present yourself as an intellectual authority, which Jerry occasionally does, lying about your degree is the worst thing you can do. But Jerry paraded himself as having a Ph.D when he did not, contradicts what kind of college he attended, and when he was ordained. Soon after I began detailing his lies, Jerry removed access to the parts of his site that condemned him but I first made copies.

Jerry's Disappearing Doctorate

The banner of every page on Jerry's website boasted of having a Ph.D. On a page called Credentials which came in two versions. In the first,

He also holds a Bachelors' Degree in Education from a secular university and a Master's of Divinity Degree from a nationally recognized seminary as well as a PhD in Philosophy.

He never specifies any of his schools so I cannot verify anything. Jerry later replaced "philosophy" with "psychology." In January 2007, the site was revamped and mentions of his Ph.D were removed. There was no explanation, but there are strong hints he never had a doctrate to begin with. In the debate, Dr. Milazzo writes, "as far as Mr. Leach’s credentials are concerned, they consist of his pastoral career and training, having earned a Master of Divinity."  Rather than pointing out that he has a doctrate, he quotes someone saying that education is overrated.

What does one do in order to become a Psychologist? They get their degree by learning from other people's work. You have done the same thing, but haven't done it to earn some kind of educational requirement, or degree.

Where did his phD go?  One can only imagine why Jerry was make such a stupid and egregious lie. Many believed him and still do.  Help4Families is still passing out his booklet, Flight toward Woman, which includes another claim of having a doctrate. I made Denise aware of this (Correspondence: Leach Legacy) but she has ignored me and still distributes the booklet. Websites are doing the same, not to mention all the individuals.
Jerry also claimed to have a Ph.D. in philosophy

Secular versus Christian

Charlene and I met each other in college. It was a fine denominational Christian school. (Two Sides of the Coin)

Later in the story, we find this is his undergraduate school. But recall his Credentials page:

He also holds a Bachelors' Degree in Education from a secular university.

"Secular university" sounds so much more prestigious, doesn't it? And "fine denominational Christian" "college" sounds more personal, something his Christian audience can relate to.


Jerry also lies about the length of his experience. Again, from the Credentials page.

As an ordained Minister, he was involved in various forms of Christian ministry since 1962.

Sounds like in 1962 he began involvement as an ordained minister.  But in spring 1962, Jerry was only 19 years old!  I cannot believe he would have been ordained by even an unnamed organization.  More likely, he was only ordained after getting his M.Div. But according to Exodus, no one at Reality Resources was ordained (see the image). He also lies about when he started counseling.

I have been involved in Christian ministry and counseling since 1962. (Client Information)

Who would trust a 20 year old to be their therapist? He must have meant he started ministry or counseling in '62, namely some other ministry. When Reality was part of Exodus' network, they identify that Reality Resources has no "professional counsel."