Flight toward Woman

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Flight toward Woman

Flight toward Woman is an overview of all things Reality Resources including the cause, nature, and how to heal transgenderism. It was written by Jerry Leach and is now distributed by Help4Families who is continuing his deception.

Jerry says the darnedest things

When a little boy should be praying for a new tonka truck, he earnestly prays to wake up in the morning as a girl.  p52

Upon being replaced by a woman at his place of 25 years employment, began down the road of sex reassignment surgery, rationalizing his decision upon what he thought to be the truth: I would still have my job if I were a female." p51

I am being bombarded with thoughts of hopelessness in having to continue living out my male role. . . . My crucial longings are not being satisfied by manhood or Christ. p50


Much of Flight is a distributed in other places. 

Married to a Former Transgender [sic] - by Charlene

Things in Common among Transsexuals - Performed interviews with 80 FtMs and aggregated what they had in common.

Hope for those who Desire Healing

Surgical Sex - Paul McHugh writes this infamous essay on why he wanted to shut down the SRS clinic at John Hopkins. Thiis site includes both the original essay and a critical response.

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