Doctoring Documents

Jerry loves quoting large blocks of texts from clients, authors, and even his own journal. We are supposed to believe the journal entries are an accurate portrayal of his old life. However, comparing three publications of I Hate Being a Man I found from 2004, 2005, and 2006 revealed thee different versions that Jerry supposedly wrote in the 1980s. He also changed his journal entries in Reflections on Surgery.

Liberal Editing

He liberally edits the documents of other people too, such as Post Op Story and Dr. Stoller's article on Reflections on Surgery. Supposedly, he includes the full text of his SRS letter of recommendation (Sex Change Sanction) written by his psychiatrist. These changes include inserting and deleting entire sentences. They are not fixing typos or copying errors. 

Dr. Francie Milazzo, a Christian, wrote a critique of Jerry's use of reparative therapy, Does Therapy Cure Gender Dysphoria, and posted it on her website. Jerry wrote a rebuttal, but instead of referencing Milazzo's article, Jerry re-wrote the article, removing 3,600 out of the original 4,600 including Jerry's lack of evidence, a thorough analysis of Jerry's transgender eitiology, bibliography, and demonstration that Jesus transgressed gender norms contrary to Jerry's gender value system.  Jerry posted his re-write and rebuttal on his own website without comment. Jerry then attacks Milazzo's imposter re-write for having "no direct references or credible supporting evidence," namely, the bibliography he deleted.  Jerry also inserts his own words, posing as Milazzo's, contrary to Milazzo's thoughts, such as implying that Jerry's "transgender desires" have changed. I've created the following document: Leach's Distoration of Milazoo. Yellow marks information Jerry removed and green marks information Jerry inserted, posing as Milazzo's words.

Similarly, Jerry re-wrote an article by Danielle Berry. Danielle had mixed thoughts about her SRS. Jerry first crime was to ignore that Danielle did not necessarily regret her transition, just her surgery, and thus does not support Jerry's views. She supports people living in their gender identity. Dani wrote an article warning about surgery which the trans community has passed around. Jerry re-wrote the article to better suit him. I've created a comparison document.

Out of Thin Air

Featured on his website was a supposed email (Hoax or Intersex) from Janis, a transwoman. Janis is upset that Jerry has an "up-to-date review on ambiguous sexual identity on your website"  that "exposes [SRS] for what it really is: a big hoax!" Jerry says this was in response to a page on site, "Transsexual, Intersex, or What?" The problem is, that page was uploaded to his site simultaneously to the site (June 4, 2006) along with Janis's email! Janis' email had to be written in response to something she saw on his website before it was on his website! There are other signs this is a forgery: No one in their mind would call Jerry's information "up-to-date" and they certainly would have no delusions that it would bring down the entire SRS infrastructure as Janis says. Janis also writes, "It is obvious that you have PhDs and MD’s working for you" yet no one will recognize his sloppy grammar and lack of scientific coherency as the work of a PhD. Jerry is having delusions of grandeur.   And why would Janis say so bluntly that Jerry is correct, that SRS is a hoax? If she really believed that was true, she would be on Jerry's side. Jerry, in his forgery, wants her so badly to affirm his ideas that his puppet contradicts herself. After poring over Jerry's writings for so long, I can recognize his style of writing well. The superfluous elipsis and colon are favorite devices of his.


A reader and former client of Jerry has told me he plagiarized her journal entries but, as she long threw out Jerry's writings, cannot specify any cases yet.

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