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Jerry Leach & Reality Resources

Jerry Leach is the poster-boy for the ex-trans movement and founded Reality Resources where he counseled transgender Christians to become cisgender using reparative therapy. Meanwhile, his wife Charlene counseled their wives. He once sought SRS but says God saved him and healed him from his sinful, transgender desires. This is where Focus and the Family and Exodus directed their trans clients as it is the only organization focused on adults with an unwanted gender identity.

Jerry has no education in counseling and is not licensed and even lied about having a PhD. He says his personal testimony gives him all he needs to help others.  No scientific study has ever shown a single person can change their gender identity. Jerry does not disagree, admitting that he regularly has transgender feelings but chooses not to act on them using daily prayer. Jerry believes every person should live in the gender they were assigned with at birth, but does not give a Christian or ethical reason but relies on his personal experience. He shows no knowledge for relevant knowledge outside his experience, such as transmen, genderqueer, and intersex people. The vast majority of his clients were bigender.  Many of the people and much research he uses to support him actually says the opposite as him.

In 1988, after decades of hating his maleness and privately cross dressing, Jerry began attempting to change his body behind Charlene's back. When faced with the dilemma of keeping his male role versus losing Charlene, his children, and his pastoral ministry, Jerry chose his family and job. Jerry instantly became the expert on "change" for transgenderism; within months he joined an Exodus member was counseling, eventually becoming an Exodus regional director. Jerry had a falling out with Exodus and lost his membership. Apart from occasional Christian interviews, Jerry stayed low key. He only counseled highly motivated people. 

While described as gentle and soft spoken, Jerry was mentally unstable. Besides making life decisions by lying to his wife, he also compulsively lied to doctors to convince them that medication would be healthy, even forging a divorce certificate. He was supposed to be going through the Real Life Test in which a person lives entirely in their gender identity to prove their eligibility for medical services; Jerry only presented as a woman in private and for his doctors whom he told he was living that way full time. In a fit of rage he castrated himself and nearly died from blood loss which subsequently ended his body's source of testosterone. He was happy to share this history as anecdotal proof that trans people are psychotic. He never talks about his mental stability after rejecting transgenderism, but I did speak with a member of Jerry's immediate family. They believe his mental instability continued for the past two decades. His writings reflect both irrationality and incoherence; they only make sense after several readings. Sometimes he is cool and reasonable; elsewhere he rages against detractors. He had a poor sense of boundaries, having poured out the intimacies of his sexuality online to the chagrine of his family. The decade he spent in a cult is one of the few pieces of his history off limits.

At times he says "I can't really attest to a complete healing" and consistently explains that while his behavior has changed, he still has his transgender feelings. Elsewhere he offers "not abstinence and maintenance, but total freedom. . . . the Truth sets you entirely free!"   Allegedly, he has frequented gay bars but no one has pulled a John Paulk on him and avoids saying whether he has relapsed into cross-dressing.  See Book: The Alternative of Repression

Jerry makes a great case study of rejecting transgenderism because we know a lot about him. In brief, he opposes using science; his theology is weak and sometimes heretical; he knowingly gives out false information; his ideas are not consistent. Most telling of all, he shows that all the repression, miraculous visions, and prayer in the world can't convert a person from being transgender to cisgender.


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