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Elizabeth R. Moberly

Moberly first began the idea that homosexuality exists because of poor social bonding with one's same sex parent during childhood and this theory has been extrapolated to describe trans people as well. Moberly had no training in psychology or psychiatry and did not perform any study! She did read Freud, Irving Bieber, and Lawrence Hatterer thoroughly and created a hypothetical idea about queer people which coincidentally turned out "correct." She said homosexuality could be removed by repairing a person's relationship with their same sex parent in what she coined "reparative therapy." She wrote several books, the most famous being Homsexuality: A New Christian Ethic and the one related most to transgenderism was Psychogensis: The Early Development of Gender Identity. 

Homosexuality and transsexualism alike imply a defect in the capacity for relating to the same sex - not the opposite sex, as is commonly assumed. (Psychogensis)