People relevant to the discussion of Christianity and transgenderism.

Stories - Testimonies of transgender Christians

Ex-trans - People who attempt to change their gender identity

Ex-ex-trans - Christians who have tried being in the closet, have tried "healing" their gender, and ultimately accept it.



The Gender of Jesus

Gender warriors

Transgender Saints - a list of our gender variant ancestors

Sister Paula - A transexual televangelist

Josef Kirchner - Transitioned, twice, developing creative ideas about gender

Joan Roughgarden - Author on biogenetics and a Christian transwoman

Vanessa Sheridan - Author on gender

Trans, ordained ministers

The pastors I know of.

Drew Phoenix - The United Methodist Church

Julie Nemecek - The Free Methodist Church and later Baptist

Justin Tanis - Metropolitan Community Church

Erin Swenson - The Presbyterian Church

Pat Conover - United Church of Christ

Jay Wilson - The Lutheran Church

Allyson Robinson - Baptist

Sky Anderson - Metropolitan Community Church

Michelle Hansen (retired)

Lynn Elizabeth Walker - The Orthodox Church

Carol Stone - The Anglican Church

Sara Jones - The Anglican Church

Cameron Partridge - The Episcopal Church

Helen Savage

Malcolm Himschoot - Of the film, Call Me Malcolm and the United Church of Christ

Gender defenders

Those who promote the gender binary 

Jerry Leach - Counselor for people fighting their gender identity

Denise Shick - Public speaker on the evils of transgenderism

Elizabeth R. Moberly

Neil E Whitehead

David Kyle Foster

George Alan Rekers

Glenn Stanton - A self-proclaimed expert from Focus on the Family

Paul McHugh

Joseph Nicolosi

Walt Heyer