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Salvo Magazine

Salvo is a fundamentalist/evangelical magazine that seems solely set on shocking the Church with how awful America has become. That includes trans people which it loves to make fun of. I'm currently trying to swear it off, as it only causes me to be ashamed of my sisters and brothers in Christ.

Winter 2007

Covering an anti-discrimination bill in California that covers gender identity, Salvo claims that men may now enter women's locker rooms whenever they wish and calls trans people "perverts."

Spring 2008

Let's say you're a male student who self-identifies as a female. Rather than the standard coed dorm, what you need is ready access to male students who are prepared to get it on with transexual men. Well, at RuPaul Hall, that's precisely what you'll find: a hotbed of perverse promiscuity tailor made for the cross-dressing set.

This issue also includes a lot of general misinformation about the Matthew Shepard Act - that somehow giving money to enable the prosecution of crimes will oppress Christians.

Summer 2008

Read Salvo's reaction and a little dialogue.

I wrote them a complaint and In the Summer 2008 issue, they published it under their "Good, Bad, and Ugly" section. One good thing I will say about them is that they publish their criticism, even if they don't respect or understand it. However, this probably only means they relish the fact they're upsetting those who disagree with them.

They also include an article on same-sex marriage in California. They state that the courts overruled the will of the people and that the people have no recourse. This is obviously wrong in retrospect, now that a popular vote overturned the courts decision.

Spring 2009

On their blog, not their magazine, Salvo says the proposed Hate Crime bill (HR1913) will protect beastiality and incest. It certainly does not, only expanding hate crimes to include crimes based on gender identity, sexual orientation, and disability. The law would explicitly not include the paraphilias Salvo claims it would include.