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Trans in Christian Media

It doesn't happen often, but occasionally the Christian subculture recognizes us in print. Here are the times I've found. Sadly, they are all negative.


The Transgender Moment in Christianity Today

My response

Response by Peterson Toscano

Response by Vanessa

Media Bias on Transgenders Raising Concerns by the Christian Post and a response by

Evangelical Alliance Condems Ordination of Transexual in Church of England Christianity Today's response to Sarah Jones' ordination

Transgender Episcopal Priest Speaks out at Canterbury Concerning the Church of England's relationship with transgenderism

Salvo - Xenophobic magazine that sells on shock value

Focus on the Family

Friday Five: Randy Thomas - Exodus leader Randy Thomas

What about Transgenderism?

What about Intersexuality?

Hope in a World of Gender Confusion

Answering Parents' Questions about Gender Confusion in Children by Glenn Stanton

Al Mohler

A Transgender Pastor in the Pulpit? - Reaction to Drew Phoenix's continuing ordination

The Tragedy of Untethered Science -- Chilling Examples - Cheap shots on a trans kid

Chaos in the Academy - How gender neutral bathrooms "will produce chaos in the larger society." I wish my website was as humorous as his.

Transsexualism Hits the Workplace -

A long listing of online articles from complementarians like the Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood and Al Mohler.

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TransMediaWatch An aggregation of negative portrayals of trans pople in the general media.

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