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The Church is fond of saying Scripture condemns transgenderism without backing itself up. "The pressure for acceptance is ultimately a challenge to the authority of Scripture."(Christianity Today.) So I was glad Transsexuality A Report by the Evangelical Alliance Policy Commission had an entire chapter entitled The Perspective on Scripture.

There's not much substance. They do not even quote Scripture! The chapter is a brief ten pages. Pages 1-3 explain how Torah (Deuteronomy 22:5 and Deuteronomy 23.1) is not a valid condemnation of transgenderism. I commend them for that. Pages 8-10 uses Reason, not Scripture.

Pages 4-8 explain the doctrine of Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Glorification.

Genesis 1:27 also emphasizes the basic and clear distinction between men and women. It does not teach, as some allege, that maleness and femaleness are two poles between which is a spectrum or ambiguous blend of human sexuality. This at least suggests that the individual who claims onotologically to be "a woman trapped in a man's body" (or vice versa) is fundamentally mistaken. (Transsexuality A Report by the Evangelical Alliance Policy Commission)

First, identify the straw man argument. Transgender affirming Christians do not use Gen 1:27 as a teaching about the gender spectrum. We have other reasons for believing about a gender spectrum, but not this verse.

Then notice the lack of details (or even quotation!) of Gen 1:27. The verse does not mention, let alone "emphasize" the "basic and clear distinction" of the sexes or gender. The verse states state they exists and how they relate to God's own Self; it says nothing about how they relate to each other. (Unless one takes the Talmudic exegesis.) The author completely glosses over the argument, perhaps assuming it's obvious. In their haste, they create an utterly false statement.

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