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Relatives and Friends of Transsexuals

RAF-T was formerly a pseudo organization that aimed to be a transgender equivalent to PFOX (which itself was a play on PFLAG). Their website was online roughly August, 2005 - February 2008. The webmaster was an anonymous "transsexual parent[sic!]." Sue Upshaw, the mother of a transwoman. Most of the site rehashed information Denise Shick, before she started Help4Families and Reality Resources, including lots of links such as Church Responds to Transsexuals and Jenny's Journey. RAF-T had a Yahoo group with a whopping 9 posts over 3 years, mainly copied articles. Interestingly, two (or three?) Yahoo groups already existed for relatives of transsexuals at the time. Perhaps there's some animosity because RAF-T never mentions they even exist.

A cursory reading of the site reveals obvious lies:

  • Renee Richards regretted her transition
  • Josef Kirchner regretted transitioning
  • "The story presented . . .  that transsexuals who undergo sexual reassignment surgery live happy and fulfilling lives is pure fiction."
  • "Dr. Renee Richards, a Dentist, is a good example of a convertible profession" meaning she her gender keeps her from living in one place for long. 
  • Equating all transgenderism with transexualism
  • Deceptively changes the name of a pro-trans article from Gender-Specific Days can be Challenging to Family Pain

Laura contradicts her allies - Reality Resources, Denise, Exodus, etc - saying parents do not cause transgenderism in their children saying to parents, " Remember, it is NOT your fault that your loved one believes that he or she is the wrong gender.  You did not do anything to create their condition." But she also says, "Do not surrender to the commonly held misconception that no one knows what causes it." She never says what they believe does cause transgenderism.

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