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Pseudo Organizations

There is an odd phenomenon among anti-gay people to form pseudo organizations - A person who creates a website that call themselves an organization but are not made up of any people or organizing further than the website itself. They have a number of things in common:

  • No physical address or phone number
  • Has just one member who founded and maintains the organization
  • Contain more duplicates of others' materials than original resources

These websites include

Parakaleo - The classic example. Parakaleo is a website and its owner answers emails (if he likes them)

Transgender International Fellowship - Supposedly an alliance of gender binary organizations. No longer exists

Reality Resources - Formerly an actual organization, it "merged" with Help4Families but no longer exists

Relatives and Friends of Transsexuals - No longer exists

Gender Menders -

There are more pseudo gender binary organizations than actual organizations. With so many, they must be more than a coincidence. What could the reason be? I can think of two:

  1. Like a terracotta army, they exist to make others believe that the ex-trans movement has more clout than it does. Namely, none at all.
  2. These website owners mistakenly believe a website and an organization are one and the same thing. The gender defenders are all middle-aged or older who tend to have a poor understanding of the Web, as evidenced by their poor website designs.

For the record, transchristians.org is not an organization. Unlike the above websites, I don't claim it is.