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Keith Tiller & Parakaleo

Keith Tiller is ex-trans (bigender), running the pseudo organization Parakaleo, a British organization that encourages Christians and the government to condemn transgenderism. They also try to influence politics, though they failed to stop the Gender Recognition Act  which allowed transexuals to change their legal sex. Since then, Parakaleo has been inactive. Tiller contributed to and is recommended by Transsexuality A Report by the Evangelical Alliance Policy Commission.

Information on Keith comes from his website. He claims that since he was a teenager, he wanted to be female. That's hard to believe since he never made any action along that line except some cross-dressing. In response to his second divorce, he started therapy where he first spoke with professionals about being transgender. He says he already knew he did not want SRS. He became a Christian soon afterward. Keith never gives any indication that he transgender feelings were serious. He never explains how or if they went away, other than a generic "with God's help" statement. 

Keith never claims to be "healed" from his feelings, only that he and Marissa are "managing to turn their backs on the addiction." Certainly if he believed he was healed, he would say so. A person close to Keith revealed 

He spoke . . . of being 'tempted by putting on a skirt'. My belief is that he was never transsexual but was in fact someone dabbling in transvestism who was wrongly diagnosed. Unusually, he never identified himself as transsexual until he was given the psychological diagnosis. He had no particular history of gender disorder prior to the break-up of his [second] marriage, so I suspect the whole thing had more to do with that than anything else. (Personal email)


Transsexuality A Report by the Evangelical Alliance Policy Commission - A book Keith contributed to and may or may not have written

Marissa Dainton - A former friend of Keith's who has since embraced being transgender. Keith still tells people she has rejected her transgenderism.

Objection: Christ and the Bride - An argument against transexual and intersex marriage by Neil Whitehead. Whitehead's article was one of Parakaleo's first to publish


Parakaleo - Keith's website