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The anti-transgender movement claims that many trans people, especially Christians, regret transitioning and go back to living in their birth gender. These people are often paraded as proof that transgenderism is unfulfilling.  However, many of these ex-trans people later become ex-ex-trans and transition back into a transgender identity. Years later, gender defenders still hold these people up as if God had changed their gender identity.

Marissa Dainton -  Claimed by Keith Tiller, Walt Heyer, and TGIF but given the name "Mandy"/"James.

Josef Kirchner - Claimed by Help4Families, crosswalk.com and RAF-T

Michael/Michelle Berke  - With the help of a naive church, Michelle de-transitioned but now misses living as a woman. Claimed by Walt Heyer.

Michelle Danielle - A transwoman who reverted to manhood after converting to Christianity in the early 1980s. She later transitioned back to womanhood. The ex-trans side of her life was written in the book Michelle Danielle Is Dead and summarized here and here. The book is still sold by Exodus.

Renee Richards - The ex-trans that never was. Jerry, Keith, WorldNetDaily, RAF-T, Walt, and Help4Families all falsely say she regretted her transition.

Ralph Werther - For just one month, Ralph believed he had miraculously been cured of his transgenderism.

Brooke - Had her ex-trans testimony posted on Stonewall Revisited. Jen "Sarah" Wocky  did some investigating and "discovered that she was back on hormones for a number of reasons (some medical) and does not believe that the GID can be successfully fought, for a number of reasons. She has since contacted Stonewall Revisited, asking them to remove the testimony letter. (6/10/98)" (Source)

Wendy / Pete - Writer for Jerry Leach

Gordon Babcock - Claimed by Keith Tiller and WorldNetDaily but appears to still be totally transgender.