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CrossOver Inc.

CrossOver Incorporated (often called CrossOver Ministries) is an ex-gay counseling organization directed at people with sexual issues, including transgenderism. The last I checked, they do not have any ex-trans people working for them. For a time, CrossOver referred trans people to Reality Resources until Jerry Leach left. They started in 1986 and were formerly an Exodus member. They also give attention to people with lesbian and gay family members.

Ten years after he left, CrossOver is heavily associated with Jerry who worked their from 1989 to 1999, partly as their director.  The next most famous person connected with CrossOver is ex-gay Melissa Fryrear who might have been counseled by Jerry and later became a director for about his entire time there. Joseph Cluse, just like those before him, went to CrossOver to receive counseling and ended up counseling others. None of these people currently serve with CrossOver but (at least) two out of their four current staff say they are former lesbians.

I also find fascinating that in the entire world, there have been only two Christian ministries specifically directed at trans people, CrossOver and Reality Resources, and they both exist/existed in Lexington KY, a modest city. (Similar ministries only add trans people as an after thought or, like Parakaleo, are only pseudo organizations.) Jerry Leach lived in Lexington before finding CrossOver; he did not move there.

For four years an organization called CrossOver Ministries appeared with different people involved also in the Lexington area.  It appears to be unrelated.


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