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Because there are so few ex-trans people, I'm attempting to collect as many as possible to see if any are legit. If you formerly identified as transgender or know of additional information about the following people, please contact me. Some of the following may be pseudonyms.

Danny Blackwell - Formerly bigender and former missionary to other trans people

Darrell Thompson - Ex-transwoman.

Kathy (Keith) Grace Duncan - Ex-transman. 

Keith Tiller

Kerry Potter - Friend of Keith Tiller & Parakaleo. Spammed Facebook and asked Keith, but could not locate him.

"Janet" - A transwoman wrote in to Jerry saying how she regretted transitioning. I suspect this is a forgery, or at least an exaggeration, because she says she modeled for Playboy. 

Jerry Leach  - Infamous counselor of ex-trans people. Still struggles with transgender desires and behavior.

Josh Ferguson - Goes by the pseudonym "Anthony." "As I write this I am struggling in my heart. For some time I experienced somewhat of a lull in my desires to be female, and as I have been blogging through this, it has started back up again. I will say that I have struggled today with my thoughts and being envious of other women, but I guess that is why it is a process of redemption. I know that Jesus has redeemed me from Transsexuality but sometimes I feel like this guy [picture of a man having the snot beat out of him]." 

Perry Desmond - A former drag queen

Randall Wayne - As of 2009, identifies as cisgender.

Sam (pseudonym) - Ex-transwoman

Sy Rogers - Now an evangelist but doesn't talk about his gender

Tea Jay - A male struggling to repress his transexual feelings

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