An ex-trans person once identified as transgender but now considers themselves cisgender.  The term is a spin-off of "ex-gay."  Despite its name, gender identity never changes, on gender expression.

The wider concept behind being ex-trans is that a person believes that trans behavior is sinful and a transgender identity is the root problem, so they try to change their gender identity. This attempt at change happens through either personal resolve, prayer, or especially reparative therapy. However, the overwhelming majority of trans people believe that while changing behavior is possible, changing one's inner identity does happen. Many trans people spend decades trying to change or ignore their feelings with only temporary success and eventually can only conclude that it's pointless. I dedicate a chapter of Transcendent Christ Transgender Christians demonstrating that all the current research and experience concludes that changing one's gender identity is impossible. Instead, people can only repress transgender feelings.

Repression or Healing

Ex-trans people

Jerry Leach  - infamous counselor of ex-trans people

Danny Blackwell - former missionary to other trans people

Keith Tiller

Sy Rogers

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Ex-ex-trans people once identified as ex-trans but now admit their feelings never changed and now identify as transgender.

Marissa Dainton -  Fully transitioned from a man to a woman. Her church convinced her she need to live as a man again. She felt like a man, though, and then needed to transition back to being a woman.

Josef Kirchner - Went from being a man, to a woman, and back to a man. He did not change for moral reasons but only because his He does not regret anything and believes transgenderism is healthy

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Anti-trans pseudo organizations

A pseudo organization. acts like a real organization without actually doing anything.

Help4Families, aka Denise Shick - Reinforcement for Christian families who don't accept a member's transgenderism

Parakaleo, aka Keith Tiller

Gender Menders - Spreading junk science in order to prevent Australian transpeople from receiving right. Last update, 2004.

Expired anti-trans organizations

Reality Resources, aka Jerry Leach who counseled people to reject their transgenderism

New Hope Outreach - An urban mission, targeting trans people

Transgender International Fellowship - Network of anti-trans organizations

Relatives and Friends of Transsexuals

Ex-gay organizations

Ex-gay organizations sometimes include transgenderism on the side

CrossOver Inc. - An ex-gay and formerly an ex-trans organization

Exodus - An umbrella organization of ex-gay organizations that formerly included transgenderism

NARTH - (Secular) National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality which also includes transgenderism.

Jonah - (Jewish) Ex-gay group that has had ex-trans clients like Josef Kirchner

Real Love Ministries - A generic ex-gay, ex-trans organization, often covered by Yuki Chloe.