Intersex Infers Male and Female

From Sex and Intersex. Version 0.5.2

I hardly have to state that the very existence of intersex people negates the plausibility of the Gender Binary. The most basic tenant of the Binary is that each person is only male or only female. "True sex" is a pathetic attempt to translate intersex conditions into the Binary. Intersexuality demonstrates, without ambiguity, that many people are conceived, born, and live between the Sex/Gender Binary. If you are still in doubt, simply google images of "intersex genitalia." To show even more clearly, look at the female and male components of the more common intersex conditions:

Female Component
Male Component
Klinefelters (XXY)
Female chromosomes (XX)
Male chromosomes (XY)
Turner (XO)
Lacks a Y (male) chromosome
Lacks an X (female) chromosome
Intersex Mosaiscism
Completely female (XX) cells
Completely male (XY) cells
Female appearance
Male karyotype
Female karyotype
Male-like androgen levels

Gender Defenders like to argue that because intersex cases are so rare, somehow they do not count. As if ethics were a matter of voting. I always try to understand the other side of the argument, but this makes no sense. The Binary says that every  human is male or female. If there but one single intersex human, they would disprove that rule. God did not say to Adam, "You didn't sin 99% of the time, so it didn't count." Christ did not say to the Devil, "I can make an exception and sin this one time." Either the Binary is a perfect rule or it has exceptions. Likewise, gender defenders don't tell me, "Transgender people are an exception, so they're ok. As long as 99% of people are cisgender." With tens of millions (at least!) of intersex people, the Binary is a guideline. With transgenderism, as in intersexuality, we only ask for that 1% exception.

Some Christians will feel a twinge of cognitive dissonance here. I never have. The Sex/Gender Binary comes from our human assumptions about the world, not Scripture. Scripture says, "male and female God created them." Gender defenders often mis-state and mis-understand this verse as "male or female." For this reason they have a problem with intersexuality because intersex do not fit into "or." Fortunately, the Holy Spirit is wiser than they and used the the correct Hebrew conjunction. The verse is as true for intersex people as everyone else. In fact, it is more true of intersex people than others. While a typical person is only female or only male, an intersex person has elements of both sides. If we use the gender defender exegesis, non-intersex people are not made in the image of God!I am taking a literal interpretation of the verse here. I think the verse is much too profound to be limited to one level of interpretation. Both a literal (sex) and figurative (gender) reading should be taking. Strictly understood, the verse is speaking about Adam who is a symbol for the entire human race, not each individual human. Again, I think both interpretations have their rightful place.

It is a measly step from a intersex body to a transgender mind. Just as intersex people do not invalidate Genesis or vice versa, Genesis does not invalidate transgender people or force us into a "male or female" paradigm.