Gender that Follows an Intersex Body

From Sex and Intersex. Version 0.5.2

As I've hinted already, gender defenders need to revise their beliefs about Nature.  The gender binary  wants us to conform our gender identity to our sex (genes and genitals) at birth. What if intersex people were to live according to their bodies in the same stereotypical way gender defenders promote for everyone else? The options are not good for gender defenders:
  1. I'll pretend you don't exist. This is the default response. Like trans people, intersex people are everywhere and fascinating yet receive no acknowledgment. Gender defenders lie to make them appear more rare.
  2. God did not create you. This statement is horrific, but this does happen such as the Baptist denied baptism because she was not considered human.
  3. It is impossible for you to live under God's good gender binary. Damned if you do and damned if you don't.
  4. God created you as male and female, so live like it. That is, live as genderqueer. This follows Nature as gender defenders want but exists outside the Binary as they do not want.
  5. Live as the sex you look resemble more. This is a shallow and secular answer, placing convenience over ethics. But the Binary is more concerned with convenience than ethics. By convenience, I mean the convenience of the over-lording majority, not the intersex minority.
  6. Live as which ever gender you identify. This is the only logical or compassionate response and all intersex people live this way.