Effect on Binary Arguments

From Sex and Intersex. Version 0.5.2

Let's take the standard arguments against transgenderism and briefly apply our knowledge of intersexuality.

God created you female/male.

We no longer know whether that is true. Perhaps our bodies are a mistake of Nature like (supposedly) the bodies of intersex people? Now that our genes are not infallible, we cannot know.

God creates everyone male or female.

We cannot know this either. It is a possibility. We do know Nature does not create everyone this way but blends female and male together.    

Hiding your sex is deceptive and wrong.

Yet, intersex people are not only allowed to hide the status of their genitals and genes, they are encouraged! The public does not have an inalienable right to know my genes.

You should not permanently alter your body.

Doctors and Christians accept that artificial hormones, SRS, hair removal, and breast removal helps the health of intersex people when their body conforms to their gender identity. The benefits outweigh the risks. Doctors already agree this translates to trans people. There is no reasons all Christians should not agree.

Transgenderism is Gnostic.

Gnosticism includes the belief that body is irrelevant. Transgenderism does not believe this, but we do believe the body is less important than gender defenders. Intersex cases expose that our sex can be imperfect. The Binary is actually closer to Gnosticism than transgenderism; Gnosticism involves mind/body (spirit/matter) Dualism while transgenderism uses Wholism supported in Scripture.

Transgenderism believes God makes mistakes.

Christian transgenderism does not. We believe the same thing gender defenders do - sometimes Nature is right and sometimes wrong.

Transgenderism involves homosexuality.

No more than intersex people. An article promoted by Keith Tiller admits, "[AIS] is like a post-surgical transsexual case" with female physiology and a male karyotype. Any intersex person is part female and part male, so any relationship will be part same-sex and part opposite-sex. Yet Christians don't require celibacy from intersex people.

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