Book: Sex and Intersex

The first draft of this chapter is available, version 0.5. I have created a page for each section of the chapter. You can also download a PDF version.
  1. How Sex Happens - What does make us female or male?
  2. Intersex Conditions - A basic summary of the different kinds of intersex conditions
  3. The Response of Pro-binary Organizations - What gender defenders say about intersex conditions
    1. Misinforming Incidence
    2. Misinforming Cases
    3. Abominable Behavior
    4. Theology
    5. Dismissal and Referral
  4. Knowing Our Sex
    1. True Sex - Gender defenders talk about the true sex of intersex (and trans) people. I explore what they mean and why it's all nonsense.
    2. Thought Experiments - Using intersex situations for insight about knowing our God-intended sex
    3. Is Anyone Not Intersex?
  5. Transgenderism Applied
    1. Intersex Infers Male and Female
    2. Gender that Follows Body - Should intersex people live according to the genes and genitals they were born with?
    3. Transgender Is Intersex (brief) or Transgender Is Intersex (in depth) - When considered in more depth, transgender people are in fact intersex.
    4. Effect on Binary Arguments