Political Objections

The goal of this site is to bring Christian and moral perspective to transgenderism and not to get involved other matters like politics. Nevertheless, since politics has invaded the Church lately, Christians have made statements about politics that are worth examining.

Hate Speech

In five years, if not sooner, transgenderism will be legislated into being as an alternative lifestyle," says Leach. "And if you dare say anything against it, you'll be cited for committing a hate crime." (Jerry Leach speaking in WorldNetDaily)

Leach here is speaking about job discrimination. That was in 2000. Ten years later one third of the US population lives in places protected from such discrimination, even Leach's hometown of Lexington!  No one has been convicted. It's also 60 years since WWII and you cannot be convicted for heiling Hitler, 140 years since the Emancipation Proclamation and you cannot be convicted for yelling that blacks should go back to the fields, and 500 years since the Inquisition and you cannot be convicted for hating Jews. Freedom of Speech in the United States has trumped all these things so I cannot imagine an identity as rare as transgenderism being different. The FBI compiles statistics on hate crimes motivated by hatred of religion, race, or sexual orientation which range from threats to murder but include nothing about speech.http://www.fbi.gov/ucr/hc2007/table_04.htm 

The accusation that legal protections for trans people will endanger freedom of speech is a scare tactic with no legal basis.