Being Transgender Is a Choice

Those who promote the transgender propaganda, refuse to acknowledge that transgenderism is a matter of choice. It is argued by the transgender community that its members did not choose to be born a certain way. Rather, it is claimed that they must revolt against a biological identity imposed upon them simply by virtue of their human existence. This claim admits of the fact that the only way one can be self-identified or labeled as "transgender," is by a conscious decision to 'out themselves' in the public fora. A "revolt," by its very nature, is a choice. (Richard D. Ackerman)

This person is referring to and confusing two different senses of being transgender:

    1. Transgender behavior: a conscious decision to 'out themselves' in the public fora

Trans people do believe transgender behavior is a choice, so Ackerman is misinformed. 

    2. Transgender feelings: its members did not choose to be born a certain way.

Feelings, at least feelings that exist from the earliest stages of life as most transgender feelings do, are certainly not chosen. No person who has felt transgender, nor anyone with any respectable education on transgenderism, believes these feelings are chosen. I defer to every ex-trans person who agree their original feelings were not chosen. 

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