Transcendent Christ Transgender Christians

I've long started working on a comprehensive, detailed analysis of transgenderism from a Christian perspective. Something of a apologetic to those who believe being trans is sinful.  This is all a rough draft subject to change; it's not yet up to my own quality standards and I reserve the right to renege any mistakes or conclusions. In other words, it's not yet official. 

I recommend downloading the PDF version, but you can also check out some chapters online.

  1. Prologue
  2. Trans and Gender 101
  3. Coming Up Queer
  4. Considering Jerry Leach
  5. Sex and Intersex
  6. The Origin of Gender
  7. The Alternative of Repression
  8. God's Gendered Creation
  9. Scripture's Gender Variance
  10. Hijra to Christ
  11. Ethics
  12. Utilitarianism
  13. Elements of Transition
  14. Objections
  15. Individual Considerations
  16. Epilogue
  17. References
  18. Glossary

Book Versus Site

When I started thinking of writing, I could not decide whether this information would be better in paper format or online. I have decided to do both. In a sense, this book is a linear and formalized version of the website; in another sense, the website is a detailed version of the book. I have tried to make this book brief to save costs and attention spans, having only core ideas. The website avoid those problems and contains much more background information and I continually update it.

 Constantly In versions
 Depth of info 
As much as possible
Only high priority
Online & Print
 As is convenient
 Links Yes No
 Footnotes No

Get Involved

My book is under loose copyright, licensed under Creative Commons. You are encouraged to distribute it freely, either in print or electronically. You can also edit it into your own versions. For that, you may want the original instead of the PDF, which is in Apple Pages format.
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