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Steph Robinson: Don Horrocks

[According to Steph, Don Horrocks edited the otherwise anonymous Transsexuality A Report by the Evangelical Alliance Policy Commission. See also: Information on Re-publishing. Formatting is original.]

What can I say, the Lord had certainly lead my steps on this one!

I did not know what kind of reception awaited me as I moved cautiously toward the Evangelical Alliance's building. Upon entering the building the reception was cool but I signed in and she phoned up to Dr. Don Horrocks to say that I had arrived. A coffee was put in front of me and there I sat gazing at posters. As expected and being an old hand at this one, Don kept me waiting (Part of the psychology no doubt to make the other person nervous. Most well-practiced managers tend to keep people waiting). However, patience prevailed and I waited graciously for Don to appear. Knowing that Don strikes fear and loathing into many members of the trans community and also knowing that he might deliver a unexpected payload of verbal dismissal at my presence - my curiosity really got the better of me and was keen to see why this man had such crazy notions that being transsexual (in my case a medical female having chalked up 25 years) seemed to think it is a lifestyle choice? Also the question surrounding the idea that my existence presents an illusion according to the EA is fundamentally incorrect as a life choice and was incredibly puzzling (see the EA publication titled 'Transsexuality' edited by Dr. Don Horrocks). In a search for answers it seemed that going to the source would be the right thing to do. I have been called many things in my life but an 'Illusion' well, that really takes the biscuit. We must accept that we all have choices. Choice even extends to people suffering terrible medical conditions, for example: A patient with total kidney failure has the choice to go for transplant or not - my choice was built on the same construct but for a different medical condition - it was a prescriptive diagnosis leaving me the choice of aversion therapy, removal of part of the brain or female hormone therapy not an elective choice i.e. that I suddenly decided one morning to change gender and ran to the nearest psychiatrist.

When Don arrived on the scene (some ten minutes after our appointed time) he lead the way to the Chief executive's office and we sat down in these very comfortable chairs to discuss the issues. During the conversation Don remarked that in his view my existence is just an illusion. In response, my statement was simple and to the point: "I have no need or requirement to justify my position to anyone. I am me and God has brought me to this point in my life and that was great news". Don seemed taken back by this remark, but it is true, there is no need to justify my position - why? and for Who? to what purpose? There is nothing to prove.

As the conversation continued it was becoming very apparent that his experience had not brought him into contact with some of the people that I had met in the past. Those for whom gender reassignment was merely gender realignment in order to bring them into balance and harmony with who they are. There are some transsexuals for whom it is impossible for any observer to detect that they have transitioned. In fact one of the girls was so pretty, petite in build with deep green eyes with long jet-black hair and was English born and bred. At the time we first met I worked for Pizza Hut in Brighton around 1986. It was amazing to me to watch these boys beat a pathway to her table in the restaurant to get her on a date. She had not end of offers from young men - she was the most amazing girl I had ever come across. Albeit such people are rare but the reason they do not surface is to keep their previous existence in low profile and away from the media spotlight. These are part of the success stories that I have experienced.

In two hours of discussion and debate Dr Don Horrocks discovered that he had never come across anyone quite like me. He knew that I was not typical of those who had met and pleasantly surprised as he finally recognised a quiet God-given confidence in my character. We had a fantastic meeting not agreeing on all aspects but agreeing to disagree. We parted on excellent terms and he wants to invite me back for lunch to meet with others and collectively work on revamping some of the published EA material on Transsexualism and perhaps collectively produce a guidance booklet for churches as a collaborative project. We should all give praise for such a wonderful and productive outcome. I am now really looking forward to our next meeting over lunch and will give another update then.