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Emergence: Pat Robertson

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Webservant's Note: The following is a transcript of a segment on The 700 Club which aired October 5, 1999. This is reprinted by permission of the Christian Broadcasting Network. A spokesperson for the CBN noted that while Dr. Pat Robertson does not encourage or promote sex reassignment surgery, he does have compassion for the people who are struggling with this decision. On a personal note to this ministry the spokesperson added "Terri, we pray your ministry continues to reach people. We also pray that you continue to show the personal inner strength that you have, and God will use you in many powerful ways."

TERRY MEEUWSEN: Well, here's the last question, and this is a tough one.

(Graphic on screen)

I'm 40 years old and have had a sex change.  I've been watching your program and wonder if God forgave me, should I live as I am now or go back to my birth gender? Goodness. I'm glad you’re answering this one.

PAT ROBERTSON:  Oh, Terry, that's yours.

MEEUWSEN:  No, you go.

ROBERTSON:  No.  Now this is a very serious question, and I--and I appreciate it.

MEEUWSEN:  Yes, it is a serious question.

ROBERTSON:  There are people who are born with various types of hormonal activity in their bodies and they feel more male than female or more female than male.  I know a plastic surgeon here in this area who indeed does that sort of thing, and to accommodate what's going on in people's lives.

MEEUWSEN:  Which is often a very legitimate hormonal thing happening.

ROBERTSON:  Exactly.  So it is not a sin, and so you don't need to feel guilty.  But know also that if you want to go back to where you were, he--this man can get very graphic.  His name is Dr. Charles Horton, and he's one of the most distinguished plastic surgeons and he specializes in urinary type activities and genital deformities.  And he was telling me two twins--there were two boys and--and the surgeons, when they were doing circumcision burned off the male organ of this--one of these little boys.  So they--they made him into a girl.  The--you know, the surgeons actually--you know...

MEEUWSEN:  Surgically...

ROBERTSON:  Fixed him up so he was now a girl.  And when he got to be 21 years old--he was a cheerleader and all that kind of stuff as a girl.  He said, `Well, I'm a boy.' I mean, he started feeling these things.  So they were able to reverse this and--and--and Horton has--has techniques to restore--it's amazing.  He--he's pioneered, he's the most incredible things--there are many people in--in battle who have--who had their genitals actually blown off...


ROBERTSON:  ...and he can restore these.  It's a remarkable what he can do.  And so you say, is--would God forgive me?  Of course he does.  This isn't something that you've sinned and if you wish to get back, you're 40-some years old, it may be it's not exactly too late and I know, and I say, one man who could--who could do a sex change reversal if that's what you wanted to have done.

MEEUWSEN:  But God's interested in his heart, attitude...

ROBERTSON:  His heart and soul.

MEEUWSEN:  ...and what he's seeking spiritually, right?

ROBERTSON:  Not--not what your external organs are, one way or the other, whether it's male or female.  The question is, where are you living?  Are you living for God and yes, he forgives you and yes, he loves you and yes, he understands what's going on in your body.