Archive: Called to Compassion

Written by Danny Blackwell and published by New Hope Outreach. Quoted verbatim. See Information on Re-publishing.


The true story began as the man approached the makeup counter and as he put his hand on the counter, he left a sweaty mark. Obviously he was nervous and he said, "Ok, I have figured out most of this but can you help me learn how to cover my beard?"
Cathy, who was a Christian, prayed, "Lord this man before me needs me to help him put on makeup and I feel disgusted… Lord I can't do it he, a man, wants to dress and be a like a woman, it makes me feel dirty and he is disgusting to me". The Lord replied; "Carol, this person before you is no more a sinner than anyone else, even that other woman you just served." Carol did help him.
This story illustrates a point and that we tend to judge people we don't feel comfortable around, especially LGBT. How many times have we built walls around ourselves to isolate us in the church from certain groups in our society? If the truth were told, we would feel just as disgusted as Carol did in this story.
If we can remember how we got involved with other Christians we would admit it was only after respect was given and over time. How do we build respect? It only happens as we look at other people, as we want them to see us. The danger is, if a person, whether gay or transgendered overcomes their fear and with the Lord, working in there lives, come into our church, we could blow it by putting unreal expectations upon them. By unreal expectations, I mean, we expect them to fit into our mold and be like us. We can also project the social attitude of "Now that your saved go date and mate".
We must remember that heterosexuality is not the ultimate goal but holiness and love for the Lord is, so let us treat everyone with respect.


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