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In June, 2009, New Hope Outreach and Transgender International Fellowship removed their websites without explanation. They also disabled search engines from indexing the sites. For posterity sake, here is a manual archive of New Hope's contents. If Danny Blackwell (or whomever owns the copyright) wishes these archives to be removed, I will do so. See Information on Re-publishing.

No More Dresses and Rollers - Danny's testimony of repressing his transgender feelings. He doesn't say exactly when he started counseling, but it had to be in 1989 or later (when Jerry started) and before 1992, when Danny started counseling others. Jerry says people need 3-4 years to heal, which puts Danny, like most people I find, at the minimum time. Also of note is Danny's experience when visiting his pastor. His pastor said he had been counseling another bigender person for seven years. Danny balked and left. But Jerry has been struggling for twenty years. So was the pastor more honest or Jerry more deceptive? Why does Danny look down on that pastor?

Called to Compassion - My favorite article which believes Christians should love trans people - even helping them with their makeup.

FAQ - This article is surprisingly honest and accurate, coming from a Christian. He accurate saying, "Authorities tend to agree that [sic] cause [of transgenderism] is multi-factorial" unlike others who insist it is caused by bad parenting. He erroneously says gender identity disorder (GID) is equivalent to transexuality and gender dysphoria; it is not. See Trans 101: GID vs Gender dysphoria.

Break Free - Steps toward becoming cisgender


Transformation Vol 6

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New Hope reproduced the articles of others, still available on other sites.

Transsexualism in the Church: A Pastor Responds - The first half of the story of Marissa Dainton who later re-embraced her transgenderism. This page is still available via Keith Tiller & Parakaleo.

My Second Blue Jean Jacket - Written by Danny and hosted by Help4Families

Jenny's Journey - aka, Jenny or Jerry? Written by Jerry Leach and currently hosted by First Stone. For some reason, Danny gives Jerry Leach the psuedonym "Sammy," as if Jerry wants to be anonymous.

Venus Envy - Written by Jerry

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