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Leach: Transsexual Regret Letters

On an old version of his site he had a page with several transsexuals or ex-trans people who believe transitioning is wrong. Most of the stories are repeated multiple times on the site. Since Leach doesn't have copyright over them, I'm not reproducing them here, but Leach's note at the end caught my eye.

We do not publish anything on the website without written consent and even with that permission granted, all names are fictitious, etc. I'd be open to the prospect of your submission, but that would only come after I have become much better acquainted with you and your life's story. I do not want anything on our website that misrepresents or is not actually I take my time and cover all of the necessary bases before publishing...since I desire to have a correct, truthful representation on anything that we put out. Heaven knows how that standard is not upheld by the typical transsexual website.

Thanks for writing and being willing to share.

Jerry Leach

This is not true. He includes the so-called regret of Renee Richards, though she is actually happy with her choices. He also lies saying he changes every name; Sandra Stewart wrote but he published her email using her real name. Sandra wrote an analysis of Leach, Reparative Therapy.  And because Robert Stoller whose article Leach re-prints on this same page died ten years before the page was put online, I think it's safe to say he didn't receive permission.  Jerry certainly did not receive permission to edit the text of the document! He posts a lot of newspaper articles online and newspapers are known to be strict on copyright. I don't use permission either, but I am honest about it. 

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