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Leach: Things in Common Among Transsexuals

Jerry made a list of things in common among 80 of the people he sees. I have been threatened by Jerry's webmaster not to include the entire original list, so here is the most important in an altered order. While Jerry thinks this says something about trans people, I think it says something about the trans people he sees.  I'm skipping the majority for copyright reasons which basically includes how feminine they feel, how their childhood involved an overbearing mother and distant father, and failed attempts trying to pray away their problem.

* Entered the Military in order to "become a man."
* Married a Christian woman
* Attempted some form of spiritual exorcism to get rid of perverse demons
* Admits that deep inside himself that his transsexual feelings are not biologically caused

So first notice they are all Christians either pentecostal or with strong links to Pentecostalism which, together with the military, implies they are quite conservative. Believing that transgenderism is psychological or biological is a ideological opinion, not instinctive knowledge, so they also believe in biological determinism. Now what about their gender?

* Came "out of the closet" and began hormones and preparation for SRS after 45
* Masturbation was an associated problem with cross-dressing in teen age years
* Experienced as a youth euphoric and sexual stimulation when cross-dressed

Like Jerry, fetishism and coming out after middle age are strong indications for secondary transexuality which predicts that they will not make for good candidates for SRS. Also indicative, is having cross dressed for several decades, attraction towards women , and emotional instability even after coming out. Jerry indicates all these things are true as well.

* Experienced childhood sexual abuse/experimentation by an older male

I point this out because he elsewhere says the incidence of sexual abuse among trans people is 80% which shows this list isn't 100% but makes the overwhelming majority.I assume that Leach isn't lying here, but a few things make me wonder because he gives some characteristics of all his clients that do not fit himself.

* Homophobic: fears that he is really a latent homosexual
* Has at least fantasized about having sex with a man while in the female role
* Questions regarding their real sexual orientation
* Has previously been diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
* Is presently on a psychiatric medication for a nervous disorder

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