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Leach: Steps Towards Healing

1. What does healing involve for someone struggling with TG or GID?

An admission and awareness that the traditionally accepted therapeutic modality is not really the answer to one's gender confusion. The person has to recognize that the "one-size-fits-all" mentality of the modern psychiatric/endocrinologist/surgical team does not fit him.

This is exactly the same thinking as many cults, that you have to believe something will happen before it can happen. It's a classic placebo: when your mind believes something will happen, your mind does all it can to make it happen. It's not necessarily bad and placebos are used by doctors because they can something influence the mind/body in a way that medication cannot. But Leach's use as of the placebo which involves deceit is not acceptable.

Healing happens when you put an end to defining yourself as "different" and "a member of the opposite gender" because of your natural in-born temperament and natural interests, which created an inward desire to do those things which are naturally ascribed to the opposite gender. This has much more to do with one's God-proscribed uniqueness than it has to do with some kind of genetical flaw.

A transgender person is different; there's no debate there. But Leach wants us to convince ourselves that we're not different? In other words, we should be repressing the way we feel. Repression and healing are entirely different and ultimately, repression does not work.

You must come to terms with your own God-given uniqueness and personality. Shame-based thinking must be uprooted; dealt a death-blow. All of the painful events of your past must be uncovered beneath the Godly oversight of a professional therapist who knows how to minister emotional healing prayer for you.

I absolutely concur! Unfortunately, Leach completely contradicts himself here. He doesn't promote uniqueness, he promotes conformity into only two genders which strict ideas about what each gender requires. Shame is a foundation of Leach's ideology. He uses it profusely in his writings to embarrass all transgender people, equating us all with fetishists, "sex addicts," "misogynists," God haters, and "mentall disturbed" to name a few. Leach recommends that people see him for therapy, but he is not a professional. Professionals have a psychology degree; he does not. Professionals use up to date research; he uses ideas and book 20 plus years old. Professionals have an office; he has a house. Professionals respect science; Leach cannot give any science that supports his ideas.

You will need to begin to embrace and thank God for your gender identity, not reject it.

Again, Leach tries to fool us by pretending to recommend something he rejects. Gender identity has a very exact meaning, the gender expressions, role, and body you instinctively identify as. Leach has always said his insticts are still feminine but he doesn't act on them and encourages others to do the same. The people who embrace and thank God for our gender identities are we who live them, not repress them.

We have evidenced a huge success rate, nearly 80% among those who want to change. In order to accomplish this requires:

* a total devotion to facing the truths about how this condition came into being in the first place; and a total departure from the post-modernists view of gender and sexuality.


* becoming 100% involved in long-term, intensive Faith-Based counseling and accountability.

By "success," Leach means people who cease transgender behavior. The feelings continue for the rest of their lives.  Again, notice the cult-like ideas of total immersion of clients into Leach's beliefs. Surrounding yourself with any idea, however far fetched, will always brainwash you into agreement. In the public and academic circles where people can speak and hear freely, Leach's ideas have not caught on.