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Leach: Sex Change Sanction

Many asked Leach if he was really approved for SRS. Apparently he was so bothered that he felt compelled to upload his letters of recommendation required for surgery, one from his psychotherapist and one from his endocrinologist. The letters are quite damming because they reveal how much he lied and his self-castration, which he acknowledges only one other time in a personal correspondence. Leach soon removed the letters from his website. I uploaded them again and his webmaster asked that I remove them again and I complied. Here are the most valuable portions. The statements contradicted by Leach elsewhere or statements which Leach never confirms elsewhere which I believe are false have marked with an asterisk (*).


Psychiatry Department
University College of Medicine

At the initial assessment/evaluation I found Jerry Leach was a married white male, who was presenting with gender identity issues/problems. He acknowledged that he had felt like he was a "female in a male's body"* since the age of three, recalling that he "liked to dress as a woman and behave emotionally as a woman since the earliest of times." He noted that "it's as if I have always felt misappropriated as a male." He remembers dressing in female clothes at an early age and has cross-dressed in secret , often in public* ever since. The patient describes having a very close emotional relationship with his mother and a distant relationship with what he perceived to be an emotionally abusive, authoritarian father.

Although Leach talks for dozens of pages (in Flight toward Woman and website articles) about his childhood, he never says he felt like a woman. Elsewhere he says that transgenderism is a progression of stages, and that he progressed from being an insecure child to a cross dresser to a transexual.

In 1976 Ms. Leach attempted successfully to castrate herself surgically, taking testosterone replacement afterwards in order to perform as a husband to her spouse. Despite these feelings, she married and had two children (now grown). In her self-inflicted surgical removal of her own testicles, she was hospitalized for several months afterwards, recovering from the wound and massive abdominal infection. She nearly died during this time. All the time since then, Ms. Leach stated that she had managed her urges privately with periodic "acting-out" behaviors. She secretly cross-dressed privately within the privacy of her own home with abandon, without her spouse knowing about it, or if she suspected, without her acknowledgement of it.

Leach confirms his castration just one other time, apparently shy about it.  The impression given here is different than the impression from Flight. In Flight, Leach makes it sound as if he had a slow but steady progression from mild gender issues to extreme, with his "conversion" to deciding to become cisgender being at the climax. These letters, however, present as going through persistent cycles of expression, then repression, and repeating. The former reflects Leach's ideology of transgenderism as an addiction because addictions get worse and worse. The latter reflects the mainstream view of gender identity as something that is stable and constant with attempts at battling it waxing and waning.

On October 26th, Ms. Leach presented herself to the University Medical Center, Department of Psychiatry for a psychiatric evaluation by Dr. T, MD., and Dr. S, M.D.  . . . She was still cross-dressing in secret, and occasionally in public. She felt terribly dishonest and guilty for the "constant masquerade and deceptions with her spouse." . . . She has been seeing Dr. M. at the University Endocrinolgy Department for hormone placement therapy and had begun to take Premarin, Medroprogesterone, Spironolactone, AKA female hormones as prescribed. She described feeling more feminine and getting some emotional relief by using these hormones. Also, at that time, Ms. Leach was seeing a private psychologist every other week, as well as her pastor, for "psychological and spiritual guidance and help."

The last statements are lies. Jerry's pastor was in the dark and Jerry did not have a therapist other than the one writing this letter.

My initial assessment of Ms. Leach: on 4/17 yielded the diagnosis of:

AXIS I: (308.5) Gender Disorder and (309.28 ) Adjustment Disorder with mixed
emotional features.

AXIS II: (799.90) Deferred

AXIS III: S/P Orchiectomy

AXIS IV: Three to Four stressors related to misappropriated gender issues and guilt feelings related to marital relationship, impending divorce, learning many new roles and behaviors associated with a changed gender identity.

AXIS V GAF: Current GAF = 75

To be diagnosed with any mental disorder like GID, the psychiatrist uses the above axes according to the DSM.

The patient's third psychotherapy session with me was on 7/17, when she came in as "Jenny."
She was dressed as a female and felt somewhat uncomfortable in female clothes in front of the other people in the waiting room. She did say, though, that she was finally "herself" and enjoying the new life ahead. She did also report that she had begun a new relationship with a male friend by the name of Don. The two had just returned from a trip to California, where they met and socialized with Don's family and friends.


Her spouse had filed for divorce.

The Leaches separated but did not divorce. Jerry did forge a certificate of divorce which he showed the pscyhotherapist.

I also saw Ms. Leach on the following dates for individual therapy sessions on 10/30, 11/14, 12/4, 1/26, 2/23, 3/17, 4/15, 5/18, 7/12, and 8/20. At each of these sessions,


It is my believe that she appears to be an excellent candidate for sexual reassignment surgery.


MH, M.S.W.., L.C.S.W.

Dr. T., M.D.
Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Medical Director,
Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic


"Identification: Jennifer Leach is a white male to female transsexual who is referred through
her primary care-giver/therapist, MH for the consultation prior to sex reassignment surgery."


Toward that end, she had been "totally" living a feminine lifestyle since May of this year. His/her relationship with the wife has ended, and she is planning on marrying again.

The psychotherapist does not state this so clearly, but she is under the same impression or would never write the letter. This was plainly not true. Leach was only living en femme around the doctors (only some dozen visits) and on shopping trips at the mall.  Leach says, "What is required is for us to live as a full-time woman each and every day for at least one year's time, prior to the surgery. Yes, I showed up in their offices fully dressed as Jennifer, telling them that each and every day I loved my new role and place in life." (Reflections on Surgery).

Although grieved with the outcome of the marriage, Jennifer reports that she is "comfortable that I am finally getting out of my despised masquerade of a male's role." She has been actively seeking information on the surgery and is considering either a program in Canada or Doctor M here in Lexington. She has actively sought input from others and has spoken to hundreds of transsexuals, including those who have undergone the surgery and had a bad outcome. Despite this, she wants to proceed with this "to finally find peace."

In fact, Jerry's first conversation with a post-op was not until he abandoned transgenderism. He was also not nearly so happy about living en femme otherwise he would have gone full time instead of living bigender.

Jennifer describes a good relationship with friends and a good support system, despite the problems in the family, ex-wife and children, who "don't accept all this." She enjoys cooking and cleaning and feels "finally right" in the feminine role. She has undertaken electrolysis for facial hair, is working on legally changing her name to Jennifer and is getting cosmetic consultations. She has a GYN specialist in this city and firmly states that "I feel at home,at last."

Jerry has no social support or friends comfortable with his gender. "I had no real support system to sustain me following surgery." (Reflections on Surgery) He says the closest is a clerk he sees at the mall.

  She occasionally experiences some "forgetfulness," but denies serious consequences.

The say a good liar needs to have a good memory. I wonder if this "forgetfulness" is actually indicative of the inconsistencies in his web of lies.

PLAN: It is believed that the patient is an appropriate candidate for sexual reassignment
surgery and recommend that the hormone treatment be continued.



Dr. T., MD
Assistant Professor of Psychology