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Leach: Vision of Jesus

From the book Deliverance from Evil Spirits my Francis MacNutt. See Information on Re-publishing. Emphasis mine. The story is repeated almost word for word in Matter of Survival (p10) and Flight toward Woman (p110), but takes place at a Leanne Payne conference with no mention of Rita Bennett. 

Take for example, the history of transvestite Jerry Leach. His mother often said, “I wish you were a girl so you could take over my beauty shop when you grow up.” When Jerry started to try on dresses at age four, even his father encouraged him: “You’re better-looking as a girl.” His dad further confused him by accusing him of being a homosexual. (He was not; he simply wanted to dress like a woman.) Later Jerry married, but his sexual identity was confused; he longed at some deep level of his being to be a woman. His mother’s statements that she would have preferred a daughter acted like a curse: He was trying to please her by becoming a girl.

The good news, of course, is that Jesus can free us from bondages like this. Here is how He freed Jerry:

Charlene (my wife) and I spent some time with Rita Bennet (Christian counselor). When Rita prayed with me, I received a special visitation from Christ. During this prayer I was called into manhood (masculinity) as Christ approached me on the front porch of our home when I was three years of age.

I saw the following. Jesus came to me as I was standing there. I had been playing with my neighborhood girlfriend Carol. She was extending her baby doll to me.

I was making the decision that was to affect the rest of my life's choices.

But the event took a different twist than it did some 47 years past, for Jesus was within the situation, standing beside me. I looked up into His face. Such a calmness and strength about Him! He smiled and said, "Jerry, I have something here for you. It's much better for you to play with this. It's okay to be a truck driver . . . a man. It's okay because that's what I want you to be."

He then held out to me a large wood (obviously homemade) red pickup truck. It was the neatest I'd seen. I took it from His large hand and placed it on the floor to play with. I rolled it back and forth. It was very heavy. Jesus then began to make the sounds of an engine, and to my surprise sat down beside me in order to share the fun with me. He was obviously having fun with me. He rolled the truck back and forth to me, encouraging me to make the same kind of engine sounds. I did. At one point He was lying on His left side, getting more and more at eye level with me. His smile and laughter were beyond description.

Then Jesus got up and clasped my hand. We were going somewhere. Carol was still playing with her doll. Before Jesus and I stepped off the porch, He turned and took hold of me at the waist, lifting me abruptly above His head, suspending me there for what seemed a long time. I was able to view this from both within and outside my body. At one moment I saw what appeared to be a still snapshot of the scene. And then I was looking down into the kindest face I have ever seen. His eyes were filled with joy in me. His arms were so strong. I thought, How can He hold me in the air so long above His head? It seemed as though His hands completely encompassed my waist. And the incredible strength! It radiated from his forearms and into His fingertips and into my arched body.

Then He set me down firmly on my feet, saying, "Come on, let's go for a walk." I bent down to pick up my red truck and took hold of His hand. I looked back and saw Carol, still in her feminine imaginary world, playing with her doll. She waved goodbye.

Ahead of us was a long sidewalk. There were large trees on either side of the walk, providing something of a tunnel-like effect. I walked with an inner confidence that I never known before. As I looked up into the trees, I could feel the truck tucked close to my right side, while my left hand was securely fastened in Christ's firm grip. The sun was shining and I was happy. So happy! . . .

In this account, Jerry is 50 (3+47) years old but is still struggling with thinking of himself as a man. The editor goes so far as to say it was this event that "freed" him, implying that before this he was "a slave to sin." Yet by now Jerry had been counseling other transgender and gay people, telling them they could be freed and healed. Hypocritical, since he himself was not at this point.