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Leach: TS Fighters Q A

On this page, people write into Pete.

Dear Pete,

I'm still trying to figure out my "inner wound". I'm pretty sure it involves my parents divorce when I was 10, but I haven't sorted it all out. I still don't know why my hurt manifested itself in cross dressing. After the divorce my mother remarried and my step dad went to Okinawa for a year, so it was just the two of us and that may have been the reason.

This writer is diligently searching for his inner wound, as Jerry instructs. But he runs into a problem as his experience doesn't match Jerry's prescription. Apparently he had a good relationship with his parents until the divorce. But Jerry says the wounds happen very early, from before birth to the first couple years and gender identity is set by age 4.

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Leach: TS Fighters Q A