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Leach: SRS

Leach used a barrage of letters to guilt his clients into continuing to repress their gender.  Many of them resemble Jerry himself in both his writing style and his ideology. Suspiciously, the identities of all these people are never disclosed except Josef Kirchner who later identified Jerry as a fraud and Pete (Wendy) who later admitted Jerry's therapy didn't help one bit. Usually Jerry only gives a couple sentences from letters that have nothing to identify the person, but in Jerry's article, SRS: So Ridicously Simple, we get a couple hard facts.

In that time I told them I was a transsexual and had been one from as early as I could remember. I told them that I had once been married, but that was over due to my problem. They didn't ask for any legal verification of my divorce. I, in fact, was still married; considering having my sex changed and trying to figure out how in the world I could convince my spouse that this was my only and best recourse. . . . I took the medications as directed, but only cross-dressed publicly when I kept my appointments with them, leading the therapist to believe that I was living full time as a woman.

This matches Jerry's life. I have never heard of a trans person faking divorce to their therapist other than Jerry. I presume it's a very rare act. I've also never heard of someone, other than Jerry, having SRS first and explaining it to their spouse after the fact. 

I've never heard of faking the Real Life Test either, but it could be possible. 

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