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Leach: Post Op Story

Josef Kirchner, then going as Judy Kirchner, wrote this letter to Jerry around Sept 2003. For some reason, Jerry attached the pseudonym "Janice." Even when Josef and Jerry joined forces, the letter was never attributed to Josef making it seem this was yet another regretful post-op.

More importantly, Jerry transforms Josef's letter into a list of "similarities of many post-operative transsexuals . . . a composite of revelations and similarities of post-operative transsexuals" In truth, the list is not a composite but only Josef's letter re-formatted into bullet points. The only text not belonging to Josef is a mention about peers calling him a girl when young which is taken from Jerry's life. There's overwhelming evidence that Jerry takes the ideas of a tiny minority of people, but this is the smoking gun. 

Jerry removes two large paragraphs of Josef's happiness living as a woman. "It wasn't until after being 15 years living as a post-operative male to female, and living a seemingly very well adjusted life as a woman that I began to study the psychological origins of gender and sexuality disorders." Josef's second transition was not queued by being unhappy, as Jerry tells everyone, but by scientific curiosity. "I was one who was blessed to lead a normal life as a very attractive woman . . . I continue to enjoy much happiness living as a female." Jerry's "composite" isn't even an accurate composite of Josef, let alone "many post-ops." 

A few side notes: Jerry again removes references to the embarrassing Richard Cohen (the ex-gay counselor who believes hugging other gay men will make you straight). These revision come months after Josef realizes Jerry is a fraud and wants nothing to do with him. Jerry lies saying he removed his material from his website while actively editing this letter.