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Leach: Church Responds to Transsexuals

A church wrote to Jerry and about a new member of their parish, Jill/Jack, who has transitioned. Both Jerry and Denise respond. Assuming both the pastor and Jerry were fair and honest, this person had difficulty socializing into the rest of the congregation and was generally rude. The entire correspondence can be read at Help4Familes

Jerry's response

Jerry's reply is disappointing for a couple reasons. Jerry opens by saying that being narcissistic is common among transgender people. I'm sure Jerry believes this because he is obviously self-centered and believes all trans people are just like him. Given that, there is no reason to bring it up except to slander trans people. This church isn't trying to understand transgenderism, only this single person.

Second, Jerry contradicts himself. Elsewhere, typically speaking directly with post-ops, he says that living in one's birth gender is nearly impossible after transitioning and he does not encourage them to do so per se; he believes they should decide for themselves. However, when talking behind this trans person's back, he is emphatic that Jill should go back to live as a man.

Lastly, this dialogue is is saddening in the way Jerry and later Denise emphasize it.  Jerry posted it twice on his website and this was one of the few articles Denise chose to use on They are choosing to take the worst of the transgender community and act as if this is typical. Every group has people who are rude or self-centered; trans people are no exception and Jerry is a good example of a rude and self-centered Christian.

Denise's response

Denise rarely speaks publically on her opinions about trans people, usually quoting others or empathizing with family. She does here and it is disgusting. She has inherited Jerry's obsession with sexuality.

Is he undressing the innocent women with his eyes and lusting after their bodies to be his? . . . His main concern only can be to seek some kind of self-serving endorsement and exotic high by sitting on the stool, rather than standing up to the latrine to help him get his addictive itch satisfied. How very sick. . . . and clearly violating me with his deceiving manner of dress. More troubling would be his lustful observation of my privacy; observing me when I put on lipstick . . . he would not violate women in this way. His intrusion only reveals his gross narcissism and lust-filled heart. . . . if there is a sex-crazed man in the next stall?

Denise cannot imagine that Jill is anything other than perpetually horny. This eerily sounds like how white women felt about African American invading their bathrooms and how, in the most conservative regions, women were offended when an African American man simply looked at them. 

We will not submit to his [the Negro's] gratifying his lust on our wives and daughters without lynching him. Senator Ben Tillman, 1900 speech on the Senate floor.

Both stereotypes are categorically false, fueled by fear, ignorance, and zenophobia. Denise goes on rhetorically,

Our permissive society seems only interested in not wanting to hurt the feelings of an emotionally-ill man wearing a dress in women’s bathrooms.  I simply ask, “Who’s feelings should really be taken into consideration?”

Since the majority of the US, much less the world, denies trans people from using the bathroom consistent with their appearance, this is false and Denise is deceptively playing the victum. But I am especially saddened that Denise believes that the rights of healthy people should obviously trump the rights of the ill. This is heretical!

Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick; I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.