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Leach: My Complaint

Jerry removed this page from his site very quickly, perhaps on account of its damning contents of his theology and hypocrisy. It's dated February 28 without a year. Because of how much he talks about wanting to be a woman, I assumed it was before his 1988 conversion (See Leach's History) was confused that he was attending seminars and healing prayers. Then I realized it must be after; I'll be generous and say 1989.

First, Jerry expresses his great anger with God for not healing him 

I am mad! Mad at you, because I yet have the thoughts and emotions that would still lead me into the nearest surgical suite, where I could be miraculously transformed into the 'girl' I've always longed to be. It seems to me, GOD, that if You are the Almighty One of the Bible, that You'd find the elimination of these daily mental harassments no big deal. 

Et cetera, et cetera. Then he lambasts methods of healing like reparative therapy.

√ I've read the empty promises in Christian print which assure a more favorable outcome once you give your life to Christ.

√ I've attended the numberless healing seminars, prayer ministry seminars, deliverance sessions ad-nauseam, to the point of being absolutely exhausted. How ridiculous!

√ I've endured the grueling work of inner-healing prayers by the countless 'Big Whigs,' and the common, well-meaning Christian counselors, advisers, and leaders who have subjected me to conjure up all forms of nightmarish flash-backs of what they call 'unresolved issues of my ugly past.'

√ I've been humiliated beyond telling by the projectiles of screams and anguish vomited from my own lips, making me appear to be hopelessly demon-possessed, or worse - insane.

What must yet be done to efficiently and once-for-all cast out these unseen evil spirits who inhabit my mortal frame? Those who proclaim to have 'success' with the vast majority of others seeking their spirit-anointed help, find my case too difficult to remedy.

'Must be his fault,' they say. 'He really wants this more than anything else!' So, I again muster the courage to approach the front of the congregation to receive their anointed prayers. But wait! Now they pass over me as if I have suddenly become invisible; or perhaps -- beyond help. The anointed prayer ministry team actually pass by me as if to say, 'We cannot waste more time on the likes of you.'

He then says what took me hours of analysis to realize: Jerry counseled others while still unhealed and unhealthy himself. 

While I have been so busily trying to make sense out of it, vainly proclaiming freedom for others, I find myself inextricably entangled within the carefully crafted lair of the spider. I am on one hand, a condemned reprobate and an evil, self-serving personage of satanic design.