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Leach: Freedom Fighters

This article is the most recently written from his website, last edited November 2007. It is quite telling that he currently contradicts his earlier statements of being healed.

November 2007 version:

Are you seriously wanting me to believe you are no longer tempted to return to crossing over gender lines in your thoughts, feelings, or actions? Or, that you’re now “healed,” "cured" or "changed" and now in a place emotionally where you are freed of those old desires and compulsions, along with their accompanying ‘acting out’ behaviors?” . . .

We are all a ‘work-in-progress!’ I know that each day we are all tempted in some way to find momentary relief from the inner struggles we regularly contend with. We get tired of the struggles and those haranguing inner voices which proclaim an instant “cure,” or at least a “calmness” to the pressures of the day; the cure promised to eradicate our loneliness, boredom and alienation.

Our  inner reasoning bargains ...

“Just take a moment to do what you know brings instant gratification, pleasure and comfort. Why fight it? It’s “WHO YOU ARE!” – an expression of your “TRUE SELF.”

The nagging debate continues: “You will never be “free” of this, for you are really a woman -- and as such have a right to allow that beautiful expression of your true inner self to be be set free to enjoy life for a change!” . . . 

I have to say that you're correct in saying this is a dependable remedy, or so it seems. But, if we were to then follow-through with the total truth, we’d have to admit it only momentarily satisfies the the deeper wounds. 


We believe it to be that event where we have been “set free” once and for all time from this .... whatever it is. We actually buy into the commonly accepted myth that if we take this remedy as prescribed, we will be healed.

The following paragraph is an uncited quotation.

"It is my hope that we can come to understand that we will probably always have the inclination to return to our old source of medicating pain by our well-practiced art and witch’s brew. One particular “home-brew” is always dependable. “It works every time!” we profess. I am thoroughly convinced I will always have the recurrent opportunity to once again reach into my cabinet of “well-tried remedies.”" . . . 


I have to be honest with you. I do not believe there is such a thing as a “healing,” or “cure,” for this condition called “gender confusion.” . . . 

I do not profess to be “free of anything.”

All I have to say is this: I’m only as free as I allow GOD  to make me today. Any success I may have today is simply that: today’s success.

And what constitutes “success?” It is something I allow to take place as I daily yield my struggles to the care of a God . . .