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Leach: Boys in Bras

Here Leach reveals his most obvious lie. In his booklet, Flight toward Woman, he said he had spoke to hundreds of post-ops and hearing their bad experiences was a crucial piece of his decision not to have surgery. Yet here, we see his first meeting with a post-op was one of his clients in therapy.

"So glad that you decided to talk to me, Samantha," I said. We both were yet positioning ourselves in the booth at Applebees when I noticed her tight-fitting red dress and more than ample cleavage. I couldn't seem to divert my eyes from that part of her body. She was digging in her purse for some notes she had taken from a phone consult we had several days before. "Jerry," she quipped with a bit of laughter in her voice, "Your mouth is beginning to drool." "Oh, I'm sorry ... but ... well ... you know, I never imagined that a male to female transsexual could really be so, well, know." What a mess I was making out of our first meeting. Her name used to be Sam. That was my first actual meeting with a very passable, even beautiful center-fold type of post-operative male to female transsexual. (Emphasis mine.)

I believe Jerry is truthful Samantha was his first post-op meeting; I see no reason he would lie here. Whereas he had a huge reason to lie that he had met post-ops while considering his own transition - he wants his audience to believe he was motivated not to transition by all the post-ops with bad experiences. So he exposes his lie, admitting that while thinking of transitioning, he did not meet a single post-op.

In this article, Leach then repeats his list of Things in Common Among Transsexuals but this time includes

Of the 80 respondents cited above, all reported that when living full time as a woman, they discovered their main friends were other transgendered or homosexual people.

What does that say to you?

It says to me
  1. People like to be around people similar to themselves. I'll bet money that Leach's main friends are cisgender, heterosexual, white, elderly Christians and
  2. Other trans people and gays are more willing to reach out friendship than heterosexual, cisgender people. Since all of Leach's clients are Christians, it's an awful portrayal that the Church has rejected them